WVU POLS 103 - Spying/ Cryptography (3 pages)

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Spying/ Cryptography

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Spying/ Cryptography


spying/ encryption issues with the NSA and the Intelligence Agency Pirates around the world

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Pols 103 - Global Political Issues
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POLS 103 1st Edition Outline of Last Lecture 1 Immigration 2 Israel 3 Hagel 4 Afghanistan 5 Iran Lecture 39 Outline of Current Lecture II Spying Cryptography III NSA IV Intel Cycle V Pirates Current Lecture Spying Cryptography There is movement to encrypt user data this is an issue about security relationship to national security NSA standards are the agreed norms in an industry about how they do things NSA advocated for standards that would weaken the security of protected data Snowden revealed that big companies Google Microsoft shared consumer info with NSA Pro for weaker standards of security 9 11 bad things happen so the NSA needs to spy on the world NSA spends money on buying flaws to spy on people This raises questions is this morally right effective good way for US government to acquire information Two Jobs for Intelligence Agency 1 Covert Action using deniable meathods to achieve policy ends 2 The main job is answering questions reduce uncertainty tell policy makers exactly what they need to know to make policy These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Intel Cycle Direction Collection Analysis Dissemination Direction The president VP policy makers come up with questions that they need answered in order to make effective policy Collection people in the intelligence agency go out and spy to collect info about the world Analysis this is the analytical stuff They try to answer the questions from the policy makers from the information that was collected during collection Dissemination more analysis This is the part where people present to policy leaders what they have discovered This is where writing and communication skills come in because it is important to be able to effectively get the information and analysis communicated correctly There are 17 separate agencies to deal with intelligence Problem is we don t know who the bad guys good guys are in

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