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capacity and autonomy seen in different countries discussed in the economist

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Pols 103 - Global Political Issues
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POLS 103 1st Edition Outline of Last Lecture 1 Environmental Policies A definitions 2 Human health problems B how to solve them 3 Economist Lecture 36 Outline of Current Lecture II Capacity Autonomy III Mexico IV Russia V Iran VI Syria Current Lecture Autonomy the governments ability to act separately from society Capacity once a decision is made can the state implement it Not just about physical resources but also about the ability of state to create willpower in the citizens About morale Examples China High autonomy high capacity USA Low autonomy high capacity 1990s Russia North Korea High autonomy low capacity Somalia South Africa Low autonomy low capacity Higher autonomy is associated more with the ability to make decisions however the size and nature of the problem policy is also a factor Leadership crisis in Mexico Political problems of president here we see a loss of capacity and autonomy autonomy any decisions the president now makes are going to be challenged by everyone These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute capacity people are less likely to approve of decisions the president does make and he doesn t have a lot of resources to carry out these decisions Mexico Energy System Article describes the positive scene for Mexico s access to cheap energy pipeline from US to Mexico Changes to energy system do work president of Mexico will increase his capacity and autonomy if these changes don t work capacity and autonomy keep declining Russia Collapse of the Russian ruble problems in the economy driving the price of the ruble down lower price of oil price of foreign imports has gone up Russia doesn t produce much else besides oil foreign loans in foreign currency must sell ruble to pay back in foreign currency declining ruble and recession affects Putins capacity has less money autonomy people generally like him Iran Iran will keep its nuclear

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