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Psyc 360 - Social Psychology

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Psyc 360 1st Edition Lecture 6 Outline of Last Lecture I Post Quiz Review Outline of Current Lecture II Methods and Social Cognition III Experiments A Random Samples Random Assignment B Independent Dependent Variables C What we can and cannot infer D Control Current Lecture Compliance saying yes ex Copy machine You are copying papers and a lady asks to use the copy machine do you let her What percent of people will say yes 60 80 Subject s Age Mood Gender Compliance Subject Status Men saying yes to women chivalry Time of day Document Imp Subject s of copies These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute A lot of factors MAY influence compliance We must distinguish between dispositional matters and situational matters Age Personality Time of Day Situational Document Imp Situational Subject Status Sit Mood Sit Gender Person of copies Sit How can we eliminate the Focus one 1 quality To determine what influences compliance keep all variables the same except one In this case the argument quality is strong rather than no argument at all No argument The Control of the experiment while the strong argument the experimental variable 95 of people said yes to her strong argument Coin toss Ladies Argument Quality Compliance Coin toss decides whether the lady gives a strong argument or not We can assume the only difference in the groups is that they received different arguments Random Assignment Assigning people to different groups in an experiment in such a way that everyone has an equal chance of being in each condition group If the lady observed the subject and decided they looked agreeable then she would decide on her argument meaning agreeableness influences argument quality Possibilities 1 Using random assignment eliminates a third variable to influence argument quality and compliance 2 Is it possible to conclude compliance caused her argument quality NO can t have an

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