UT Knoxville PSYC 360 - Helping and Climate Change (3 pages)

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Helping and Climate Change

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Helping and Climate Change


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Psyc 360 - Social Psychology
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Psyc 360 1st Edition Lecture 25 Outline of Last Lecture II Aggression a Innate b Learned III Catharsis IV Social Learning Outline of Current Lecture I Helping and Climate Change Current Lecture Everyone has little quirks that influence our behaviors The Five Stages of Helping Review o Notice the event o Interpret it as an emergency o Take responsibility o Decide how to take action o Take action Belief in Climate Change The warmer it is on any given day the more likely people will believe in climate change Belief in climate 3 Change 2 1 Much Colder Usual Much Warmer Perceived Temperature These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Cherry Picking Picking a single idea and ignoring the rest Intuition does this There are more record highs every year than record lows If there were no global warming then we would expect the same amount of record highs and record lows Stage 1 of Helping Notice that climate change is happening whether it be by taking core samples or observing the reduction of the North Pole or however Stage 2 Interpret it as an emergency Bangladesh 25 30 million people we will have to move because of the ocean rising Newtok Alaska first American Climate Refuges 1400 US cities at risk by 2100 About 150 000 deaths annually by climate change Stage 3 Take Responsibility Carbon Dioxide is the problem Temperature change tracks carbon dioxide levels consistently for the past 4 000 years Stage 4 Decide how to take action Sell my car Move somewhere closer to work school Stop Travelling Stage 5 TAKE ACTION Six Americas of Climate Change How people felt about climate change US adults 16 alarmed 29 Concerned 25 cautious 9 disengaged 13 doubtful 8 dismissive UT Freshmen before reading the Earth book and listening to Mckiban s lecture 9 alarmed 44 Concerned 32 Cautious 1 disengaged 11 doubtful 4 dismissive Did the program work on UT freshman No The only shift was people who were concerned moved back to cautious and some people moved to dismissive Evidence of skepticism Affect future generation Climate change is a good thing Cognitive dissonance we convince ourselves that we are not ruining the earth

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