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Catharsis Hypothesis

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Catharsis Hypothesis


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Psyc 360 - Social Psychology
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Psyc 360 1st Edition Lecture 24 Outline of Last Lecture I Racial Bias Outline of Current Lecture II Aggression a Innate b Learned III Catharsis IV Social Learning Current Lecture Just because aggression is innate doesn t mean it is inevitable If aggression is innate why don t we always act upon it Because we have the ability to learn Rat in a box when he pushes a lever a noise stops so he learns to push the button and stop the noise Big brother and little brother in a room little brother makes noise so big brother hits the little brother to hush him up and the noise annoyance goes away Big brother learns good things come from being aggressive IF AGGRESSION LEADS TO GOOD THINGS WE WILL BE MORE AGGRESSIVE IN THE FUTURE Responding to provocation with aggression Retaliation can be adaptive can make sense Eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth Bible Old Testament The Golden Rule in all major religions Our challenge is how not to be aggressive when we have been provoked These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Catharsis Hypothesis After provocation aggression will reduce subsequent aggression Provocation Punching Bag Administer bursts of noise Catharsis Hypothesis states that the person who punches the punching bag will be less aggressive when administering noises Retaliation Punching bag Control What actually happened People were given partners to rate each other s essays The comments presented were really bad on their essays Some people were to vent their anger of the comments on a punching bag and others weren t After venting their anger or not they are told to play a game that adjusts noise in their partners headphones The people who vented their anger were twice as likely to produce more loud noise aggressive Catharsis hypothesis is wrong Punching bag Control We have to ignore individuals and focus on the group A group is where human nature is shown You must trust statistics Girls are taught to be less aggressive while boys are taught to be aggressive Physical aggression is a result of learning Women would be just as aggressive as men if they could get away with it Women Retaliate Men Identifiable Anonymous The women were less aggressive when their gender was unknown but when it was anonymous they were just as aggressive as the men Women are more relationally aggressive than men because there is an excuse and reduce negative consequences Social Learning Learning by observing others And the consequences of their actions Bobo doll study every child who watched an adult beat up the doll also beat up the doll Children then watched the experimenter scold or praise the adult for their actions toward the doll Children who saw the adult get scolded were not aggressive towards the doll The data indicates that the average person becomes more aggressive after watching a violent movie or violent game will be more aggressive in the short term Defense attorneys showed Rodney King s attack by the police officers to desensitize the jurors in 1991 Cops were let off

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