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ANIMALS•Animals seem to be a part of nature -different from humans -people view animals as resources WHALES•oil in lamps •hard part in corsets •perfume • Whaling- created fortunes in New England-continues especially in Japan-whale meat is a commodity -concerns: -led to regulations -whales could become extinct • Social movement-whale killing movement • New uses-using the whale as a tourist attraction • Anthropomorphizing -whales very similar to humans -sonar: like talking for whales -some say whales “sing songs” •whales illustrate the importance of social construction COWS•meat •milk•working•playing -running of the bulls •sport -bull fighting•cattle drives ~ cowboys -rid the area of parasites in the meat of cows The use of animals:-entertainment-sport-pets ~ companion - social relationships with animals-animals don’t judge -they are understanding ANIMALS AS PROBLEMS•Rats ~ black death - plague •mosquitoes •cockroaches •pigeons •Plague - killed 30-60% of Europe’s population-inspiration for art •Insects •pigeon was once called a “rat with wings” -rats spread diseases and so did pigeons -bird control to stop the spread of diseases •dodo birds & passenger pigeons were killed off by humans •The English Sparrow -bird found in England -didn’t mind people -used to kill off mosquitoes -sparrows were imported to America -bird was subject to campaign -people said it was a bad bird because it was lazy -wasn’t colorful-didn’t have a nice song -sparrow was a foreign bird & at the time, people didn’t like foreigners •Inspired panic -Irish politicians tearing down public schools -painting by Thomas NasRIVER OTTERS•playful scamps or fish killers?-don’t eat fish to survive they just play with & kill them -fishermen are mad that otters have been killing the fish •tourist attractions or menaces?-political problems:-otter populations or fish populations ANIMAL CRUELTY - 18th century problems •pictures ~ stages of cruelty •1st: Childhood learned that it’s okay to be cruel to animals •2nd: Adults being cruel to animals •3rd: Terrible consequences -before cops - people would cry out murder & the town would gather together & kill the person who committed murder -Modern critics attacked factory farms because they were being cruel to animals •Animal research -confined animals -committees that try to stop this •Animal rights activists -vegetarians •Social Movement -effort to change something about society -vegetarianism -health issues -bad for environment *frame- a way of looking at something -a focus •Civil Rights Movement -inspiring story -not allowed to vote -risked lives for rights -social movement •Women’s Rights -campaign because civil rights movement worked •Gay Rights•Disability Rights•Children’s Rights•Criminal Rights •Elderly Rights •Etc.*easy to frame animal rights as a question of rights -descendants of rights movements -new definition of traditional uses -linking animals to other causes

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