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DEVIANCE 18th century hanging in london 2 boys 1 good 1 bad bad kid got hanged superbowl exciting to watch accomplices to the execution of Lincoln all hanged together not a public execution southern might disrupt the hanging 3 men 1 woman hangings began to be conducted inside prisons going from public to private done with dignity hanging is a less humane way to kill someone Modern Execution lethal injection Before gas chamber electrocution NOW lethal injection removed from public eye Durkheim interested in social solidarity basic vision socially integrated group people shared set values crime was necessary because it helped maintain the boundaries be tween good evil tegrated those outside hang crowd upholds law hanged does not deviants may be necessary to mark boundary between the socially in CRIME Robin Hood around for 700 years lasted because it is about someone breaking the rules in society in a good way seen as interesting news books magazines The Beggar s Opera early 18th century play about crime punish ment Mac the knife central theme in entertainment CSI Law Order etc interested because of the boundary between socially integrated soci ety people who break the rules Why people break rules these people are different biologically different criminals had particular kinds of faces these people are made to be criminals Menace of the feebleminded the Kallikak family family filled with deviants criminals are the product of bad people reproducing Biological criminals have extra Y chromosome people looking for genes all kinds of abnormalities homosexuals criminals etc criminals are mentally ill Sociologists roots of crime lie in social conditions geography of deviant behavior concentrated in the poorest neighborhoods Deviance is about the social conditions in which you live neighborhoods characterized by disorder Robert K Merton rangements argued that crime was a product of a society s values its social ar how social arrangements lead people into deviant behavior every society has cultural goals means to achieve them where parents give you a set of values accept means goals accepts goals reject means Cells of typology Conformity Innovation Ritualism tions Retreatism Tony Montana abandon goals keep the means going through the mo abandon both goals means Rebellion adopt new goals new means Rule breaking is a response to social arrangements Much of what is forbidden offers quick rewards fun exciting Social Control mechanisms for maintaining control in society some social control is formal much is informal people obeying the rules a lot is internal attachment parents school family teaching forms of social control commitment to conventional actions involvement in conventional activities keep them busy off the streets Techniques of neutralization deviants justify actions using conventional value deviants are not that different from everybody else went to war with china in order to confirm that they had the right to Standards for deviance change England fought 2 opium wars sell opium to china chinese resisted chinese lost both wars opium became a social problem opium dens China town opium spread from chinese to white people Drug problems were not new Beer street gin lane 18th century gin was very plentiful very cheap 19th century concern the drunkards progress Moral crusade Carrie Nation took hatchet to saloon broke many things Harry Anslinger America s first drug czar Once labels exist they must be applied Erving Goffman book called Stigma deviance is being forced to adopt a disvalued identity avoid being stigmatized keep your difference hidden spend time around other people who accept your stigma Change happens but it s gradual

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