TAMU SOCI 304 - Prison Release and Re-entry (3 pages)

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Prison Release and Re-entry

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Prison Release and Re-entry


prison release and re-entry

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Soci 304 - Criminology
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Soci 304 1nd Edition Lecture 17 Outline of Current Lecture II Regina Allen III Richard Martinez IV Aaron Shephard Current Lecture Topic Prisoner re entry during mass incarceration and its challenges begins final unit of course on mass incarceration Video A hard straight A documentary about doing time on the outside By Toshima Parole the early release of a prisoner whose term of incarceration has not yet expired on the condition of good behavior Parole violation the breach of a condition of parole including contact with police under any circumstance which may result in a return to prison In California over 50 of parolees return in prison within 3 months of their release 3 case studies what happens in each of the lives of the following and how does each end up at the end of the documentary 1 Richard Smiley Martinez a 32yrs spend 7 yrs for kidnap robbery b Rules of his parole i No more than 25 miles away from county ii Curfew between 8pm and 6 am must be in residence iii Cant associate with gang members iv Can t wear display gang insignia or colors v Can t use fictitious names c Received a job working on cars d Has gone through 4 5 jobs after his release e 4 months after release got back with his girlfriend and moved in with a friend These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute f His son died at age 7 while he was in prison g After 5 months him and his girlfriend are having a child h Got a steady job as a tattoo artist i Him and girlfriend moved out of friends apartment after 7 months of release j They were stuck on the street with nowhere to go k Ended up going back to prison for assault 2 Regina Allen a 44yrs prison 2 times forgery and receiving stolen property i Conditions of parole ii Drug tests and no alcohol iii Has a history of substance abuse problems b Bought alcohol while she was at the parade c Began to receive counseling for her drinking d Her husband passed 3 months after release e 7 months after release she tests positive for meth f Stayed clean and did not go back to prison 3 Aaron Shephard a 39 yrs in for conspiracy to a robbery and 4 years on parole violations i Given 200 upon release ii Needs to keep parole officer informed of phone and address changes iii Needs to avoid contact with the police to avoid parole violation but this is a problem given the level of illegal activities in area he is released to Tenderloin area b Disappeared and stopped meeting with his parole officer Got arrested again and was given 12 months for violating his parole c One week after his release again he was sent to prison again for being by a drug bust Sent for 12 months again d Due to violations he spend 8 years in prison

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