TAMU SOCI 304 - Terrorism and White collar crime (4 pages)

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Terrorism and White collar crime

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Terrorism and White collar crime


Terrorism and white collar crime

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Soci 304 - Criminology

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Socio 304 1nd Edition Lecture 16 Outline of Last Lecture I Video Outline of Current Lecture II Gang violence III Cycle of violence IV Family violence Current Lecture Gang and Family Violence 1 Gang Violence a Thrasher 1927 The Gang A Study of 1 313 Gangs in Chicago b Youth gangs i a gang is an interstitial group originally formed spontaneously and then integrated through conflict ii Note among illegal activity is not mentioned b Miller 1970 defined a gang more in terms of its organizational characteristics and dynamics c Finn Aage Esbensen 2000 i To classify a group as a youth gang you need several elements 1 involvement in illegal activity IS a central element b History of gangs in USA i 1920s 1940s turf land property ii 1950s teenage gangs iii 1960s drugs b Organizational features of urban gangs i Vertical clear line of authority clear leader ii Horizontal multiple small sets 20 30 people of gangs no elaborate line of command 1 Bloods Crips both LA gangs are horizontally organized b Shakur s Monster 1993 i Autobiographical account of becoming a gang member for Crips ii Eleven years old courted in jumped in 1 Had to shoot someone to be in gang ii Label monster iii O G status three stages These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute iv Emphasis on reputation 1 Had to keep up tough image ii Who was his family as he became further involved in gang life 1 Relationship with mother declined 2 Gangmembers homeboys were more his family b Gangs in Pattillo s Sweet Mothers and Gangbangers Managing Crime in a Black Middle Class Neighborhood 1998 i Social organization and gangs 1 Young people in Groveland Chicago introduced to gang pathway but also to organization 2 There s peace in the community even though gangs exist there 3 Groveland stability and dense networks facilitate social control but do not prevent criminal behavior b NCVS i 1993 9 ii 2003 6 iii Not a huge

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