TAMU SOCI 304 - Exam 3 Study Guide (14 pages)

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Exam 3 Study Guide

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Exam 3 Study Guide


lectures 13-15

Study Guide
Texas A&M University
Soci 304 - Criminology

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Soci 304 1nd Edition Exam 3 Study Guide Lectures 13 16 Hate Crime Definitions o Hate or bias crimes are violent acts directed toward a particular person or members of a group merely because the targets share a discernible racial ethnic religious or gender characteristics Siegel o An ordinary crime becomes a hate crime when offenders choose a victim because of some characteristic ethnicity race and religion and provide some evidence that hate prompted them to commit the crime Harlow Such as a property offense Culture of hate o Hatred is expressed in mass culture Art music religion humor o Culture of hate a person s group affiliation continues to provide a basis for dehumanizing and insulting treatment o Culture reflects our attitudes toward a society o These mass culture can make a person feel alienated from others and dehumanize certain groups o Young people are susceptible to the mass culture they lack diverse experiences and therefore are more likely to adopt these attitudes Types of hate crime o Thrill seeking most common No precipitating incident Looking to harass those who are different Psychological payoff thrill of making someone suffer Social Payoff friends may approve Groups The leader may be the only one motivated by hate Example two high school students went to university campus and targeted international students Approached the students and punched them in the face Went to another area to do the crime No economic motivating They only gain esteem o o Property o Interchangeability of victims o Within group Across groups vulnerable Homosexuality o Secondary Victimization Defensive Hate crime Reaction to what the perpetrator considers a precipitating or triggering incident to serve as a catalyst for the expression of their anger See themselves a pillars of the community to defend their community Primary victims are people of color Their community feels threatened Target a particular individual or set of individuals who are perceived to constitute a personal

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