Mizzou CHEM 1100 - Lewis Structures (4 pages)

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Lewis Structures

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Lewis Structures


Detailed description of Lewis Structures

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Chem 1100 - Atoms and Molecules With Lab

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Chem 1100 Lecture 5 Outline of Last Lecture I Isotopes II How Particles React III Molecules Models IV Octet Rule V Waves of Light VI Frequency Wavelength Outline of Current Lecture I RECAP Converting Wavelength and Frequency II Lewis Structures III Resonance Structures Current Lecture I Converting Wavelength and Frequency a What is the frequency of light if its wavelength is 200 m i C V V C ii 3 00 x 10 8 m s 1 500 000 s 1 or 1 5 x 10 s 1 200 M b Radiation from the sun These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute II c Lewis Structures a As you move from left to right across the periodic table each element has one more electron in its outer shell than the one before it Hydrogen has 1 Helium has 2 On the next level Li has one Be has two B has three C has four N has five O has six F has seven And Ne has 8 Eight electrons is a full shell b If you combine carbon with 4 hydrogen atoms you can create methane Nitrogen can combine with three hydrogens and make ammonia Oxygen can combine with two hydrogens and make water c This is an example of the Lewis structure for ammonia d Hydrogen is the simplest molecule atom there is e Covalent shared strength bonds when two atoms share electrons to help each other become more stable and fill their outer shells f The first shell only has room for two electrons since its so close to the nuclei and so small g EXAMPLES of Lewis Structures i H2 ii Cl2 HO H H iii 2 h Carbon tends to form 4 bonds nitrogen tends to form 3 bonds oxygen tends to form 2 bonds and Hydrogen and Fluorine tend to form one bond i How to draw Lewis Structures The Process i Find the number of valence electrons 1 C02 2 How many valence electrons are in this molecule 3 How many valence electrons are in carbon 4 It s in group 4A 4 How many valence electrons does oxygen have 6 It s in group 6A 5 There are two oxygen atoms So you have 12 from oxygen and 4 from carbon

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