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Description of the quaternary structures and contains 2 examples. Important to know what self-assemble is and what it does (Proin Diseases**). Pure protein vs Infected protein. Also describes the movement of Kinesins

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University Of South Carolina-Columbia
Biol 302 - Cell & Molecular Biology

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BIOL 302 1st Edition Lecture 6 Outline of Previous Lecture I Macromolecules a Protein Structures b Protein Domain Outline of Current Lecture I Proteins a Quaternary structures b Self assembly c Allostery Current Lecture I II Quaternary Structures a Most proteins have multiple activities b DNA polymerase needs to bind to DNA i Important for Dimerization and activating the gene expression from a specific domain c Proteins have a module structure which functions structures as seperable d Most proteins have multiple subunits e But they come together by self assemble Self Assembly a Complicated structures have series of R groups that match with another R group to make bonds i All come from DNA b They self assemble spontaneously i Eg Tobacco Mosaic Virus 1 Purifies RNA then add in a test tube it will assemble spontaneously and comes together to make the virus ii Eg2 Bacterial Ribosome 1 Can t throw everything in test tube has to be added one by one in the right order each protein is encoded by a different gene c Abnormal Self Assemble i Reasons for many diseases ii Beta ambaloid kill the nerve cells in the brain These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute 1 Many infect the brain and loose liver cells iii A lot of diseases are centered to the brain Cell death releases toxins iv Proin Disease 1 Infectious disease to the brain Alzheimer s Examples a Kuru in Humans discovered in Africa Very high incedius of brain damages Thought it was genetic at first but figured out it was infectious More in woman the origin of the disease was discovered through the cannibalism of the dead uncooked Ingesting this was infectious to the prion disease no nucleic acid b Scrapie sheep genetic disposition c Bouine Mad Cow Disease FDA watching out cows that couldn t get up properly and was sick Ireland England France outbreak and covered it up Over 450 thousands of sickness went into the

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