SC BIOL 302 - Exam 1 Study Guide (5 pages)

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Exam 1 Study Guide

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Exam 1 Study Guide


Important information needed to know for Exam 1

Study Guide
University Of South Carolina-Columbia
Biol 302 - Cell & Molecular Biology

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BIOL 302 1nd Edition Exam 1 Study Guide Lectures 1 12 Lecture 1 August 26 The different types of experimental model systems that are used for studies know the differences a E Coli prokaryotic divides every 12 15 minutes Bacteriophages attaches to the DNA bacteria and then starts to produce into bacteria b Yeast Fungus Eukaryotes Single celled Cell regulation and others are studied by years similar to human gene c SV40 virus infects eukaryotic cells both mast and human Works the same as bacteriophages First studied through monkey cells What s the history with polio cells When polio cells were first tested on monkey cells it was then discovered that it could be used as a vaccine but once it was used on humans to cure it was tested that it had the SV40 virus Once detected they were diagnosed with a type of brain cancer Which is why they changed to chicken egg cells instead of monkeys iii If a brain cancer patient was reported with having SV40 virus then it was because it was injected This virus can not be gained from any other way d Dictyostelium Multicellular Exist in single cells will navigated together It turns into a slug like and then transfer themselves as a spore and back again to another plant It s a cycle e Arabidopsis Tiny plant but scientist use this because it grows really fast f Drosophila fruit fly antennapedia antenna to leg Ultrabiothorax 2 sets of wings instead of one g C Elegans Size of an eye lash Has exactly 959 cells small greatly used because of the fact they are transparent It made it easier to track genetics and organ development h Zebra Fish contains vertebrae i Lab Mouse j Human Cells The different culture research testing Tissues protease weak enzyme and cell comes apart single cells culture dish media tissue which contains amino acids vitamins salts metals glucose and 10 of animal serum is added for the cells to grow animal serum mostly from cows Lecture 2 August 28th I Stem Cells Reach some kind of point and then die Cancer cells grow in

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