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GEA1000 TEST 3 Gene that carries the chromosome of culture The collective is much more important group oriented societies NOT an I profess thought system their though system is based off actions Object to text based religions don t have religious documents NO exclusive religion they practice many religions There are exceptions these are just generalizations Know name unique items where religion is practiced is it geocentric point on a map Oldest religion world s 3rd largest religion Started in the Indus River Valley Text based religion the Vedas Sanskrit document World is a cosmos India is the center filled with spirits that never die Transmigration you live forever your spirit lives forever Caste system social structure describing what jobs class a person will have Everyone has a task to do produce good deeds and reproduce children males Cow is sacred Practice of sati wife commits suicide when husband dies Ganges River sacred Hindu s bath in it Started in Mecca Enters Asia in 650 AD via invasion through the Khyber Pass Rulers from 670 AD to the independence in 1949 AD Muslims are the dominant elite population Hindus are subject to persecution since they are not of the book unlike Jews and Christians Hindus v Muslims Came out of the Golden Age 500 BC Lord Jain was a Hindu Brahman believed religion should be spiritual NOT text based Main Components 1 Based on spirits 2 Respect for all things living with spirits 3 Wear all white 4 Most prominent live in N E India In Banking industry 4 5 million in population Asia Religion Hinduism Islam Jainism Sikhism GEA1000 TEST 3 Mid 1450 1480s A mix of Hinduism and Islam a moderate of both All people created equal life takes precedent Spiritual not specific rules or rituals Amrizar center of Sikh religion Golden Temple Sikh men NEVER cut hair they put their hair in turbans Sikhs have been fighting since the beginning they are great warriors In Punjab region primarily Main career Military still true today Buddhism Started during the Golden Age 500 BC Siddhartha founder also known as Buddha One has to look within one s self to find truth and fulfillment 8 fold path All things pure in womb spirit once born passions make you impure Gods don t matter Started in North Asia but spread all over Mostly in China Cornerstone of East Asia thought system Taoism Confucianism Emperor s Librarian was founder Lao Su All about nature truth found in nature rules order harmony Tie Ching Thought system that becomes the 2nd of East Asian worldviews Big in China Founder Confucius dedicated life to reading Humans are separate from nature because of our brains and thus can reason KNOWLEDGE is the source of salvation this is the ultimate goal pursuit of knowledge and wisdom Respect System Children to parents Women to male in life Males to patriarch male Patriarchs to government Scholar Class System Shinto Japanese started in Japan Nature is were god becomes present Top men with the knowledge of Chinese ancient writings rule China adopted by the Emperor 3RD Thought system of East Asian world views Land Features are gods GEA1000 TEST 3 The sun is the most high god The Sun s child is the emperor of Japan thus Japanese are the children Shinto intense Japanese Nationalism Basis is respect for ancestors Cao Dai Vietnam 1919 1926 Center in city of Tay Ninh Pulls from the 7 great religions of the world in other words made its own religion based off of these Venerates ancestors has some saints Gender equality Big within the US Vietnamese population Major influence in India especially the south Dates back to the 1st century Major in South Korea primarily Pentecostal and Evangelical Major in Australia Catholics dominant Anglicans Presbyterians Major sect in Vietnam is Catholic Christianity South Asia Land Features Himalayas India Pakistan Sri Lanka and buffer states Highest mountains in the world 30 000 ft Eastern India Hindu Kush Tien Shen Western India Khyber pass located here Northern India These mountains limit trade and movement Lower India Decan Plateau Ghats Mountains Eastern Western Thar Desert Indus River Northern India India and Hinduism come from Indus Flows through the middle of Thar Desert the length of Pakistan Runs through Pakistan GEA1000 TEST 3 Hydrolytic Societies Most are slave societies Started in the Indus Valley Harappa Ganges Holy river of Hinduism North India Brahmaputra Northeast India Monsoon Season Rain starts in the Bay of Bengal and travels North Similar to the rain pattern in South Florida Cyclone similar to a hurricane Storm surge results because of V shape at the bottom of India Bangladesh experiences it the worst Political History 0 100 AD 670 AD 1200 s 1700 s 1940 s Indians unified it Arab Muslims invaded and unified under Islam Invaded through the Khyber Pass by Alexander the Great and the Mongols British colonize Many revolts occur during this time terrible 1857 revolt Gandhi unifies the Indians peacefully Father of modern India Father of peace resistance 1947 India becomes a country Muslims upset with democracy and get the British to make Pakistan Muslim nation Muslims move from India to Pakistan Hindus from Pakistan to India this is the largest world migration on record Hindus and Muslims have tremendous animosity towards each other There was East and West Pakistan now Pakistan and Bangladesh Kashmir Pakistan Three way right between India China and Pakistan Muslims First war between Pakistan and India occurred here since 1948 four wars have occurred here GEA1000 TEST 3 High population with high birth rates Well developed in many areas Khyber Pass located here Lahore 12 00 million people Old city thousands of years old Traditional 2 biggest city in Pakistan Karachi 15 000 million people Most migrants from India are here Islamabad 1 city banking seaport gateway city Capital of Pakistan Peshwar Northwest tribal Don t respect central government Khyber Pass entry way India Has nuclear weapons BRIC Amazing public education system Focused on math and science New Delhi Capital city Ancient city 1000s of years old Canton where the Europeans live in their own city next to the traditional cities 3 city 14 000 million people Mumbai Kolkata New city 1 city primate banking stock market the gateway city Movie making capital of the world Bollywood Rich and super rich live here Center for jewelry especially gold In the Bengal region densely populated Industrial manufacturing center of India Seaport for Britain during colonialism The Black Hole Automobiles

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