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Russia 80 is heavily forested Vast natural resources Continentality Greater distance from sea more intense temperature Russification force citizens of country to have universal language religion etc Scorched Earth Tactic retreat into a country and burning land to spread offenders weak leave them without supplies during harsh winter Tundra Top inches of permafrost thaw out Short grasses grow soggy swampy Russian Landforms Permafrost Soil that is frozen Taiga Thick rich forest with deep roots Steppe Grassland Good for wheat Russian Physical Features 1 Kola Peninsula Gulf Stream current keeps area warm despite being very north 2 Siberia Center of Russia 4 Tien Chen Mts Asian Mountains 3 Ural Mts small mountain range feature that distinguishes Europe and Asia 5 Caucasus Mts Numerous valleys with many different culture within each valley 6 Lake Baikal Deepest lake in the world Unique biology 7 Lena River Lake Baikal Arctic Ocean 8 Yakutsk Peninsula Greatest natural resource 9 Yenisei River TIen Chen Arctic Ocean frozen 9 month a year 10 Ob River Flows north into Arctic ocean often frozen 11 Volga River South flowing river Baltic Caspian Sea important for trade 12 Don River South flowing flows into Black Sea Must go through Bosporus Russian Cities Capital Moscow Murmansk City of Russian Navy Vladivostok Seaport boomed in 1900 s aka Eastern Fortress major trade port Trans Siberian Railroad Moscow Vladivostok Yakutsk Mining mineral refinement Irkutsk Near Lake Baikal very diverse because it served as a destination for criminals Novosibirsk On Ob river City of engineers Capital of Western Siberia Yekaterinburg Capital of Ural region HQ of Boeing Aircraft Nizhny Novgorod Most industrial city in Russia steel factories Kazan Islamic City Tatar Mongolian descendants Samara Manufactures planes rockets and satellites Volgograd Old Stalingrad where WWII was won canals at Don and Volga rivers Trade port Rostov Only large city with sea access Lots of technology Kazak racial group Saint Petersburg Manmade City gorgeous Europe Caucasus Nations Azerbaijan o Capital Baku o Lots of oil Georgia o Capital Tbilisi o Mafia like organization very aggressive people o Home of Stalin Armenia o Capital Yerevan o Landing place of Noah s Arc European Physical Features Europe is a peninsula of peninsulas Scandinavian Peninsula o Sweden Norway Finland Jutland Peninsula o Denmark Iberian Peninsula o Spain Portugal Italian Peninsula Balkan Peninsula o Greece Croatia Romania Peloponnesian Peninsula o Tip of Greece Brittany Peninsula o French Celtic Normandy Peninsula 1 Pyrenees Mts separate Iberian Peninsula from Europe 2 Alps Mts Largest Mtn range n Europe 3 Danube River Germany Black Sea 8 countries use it for trade 4 Rhine River Prosperous majorly industrial enters ocean at Rotterdam 5 Elba River Germanys biggest seaport Hamburg o Latin Language Catholic Western Democracy 6 Po River 7 Vistula River 8 Thames River Runs through London Different types of European Eastern Europe o Slavic and Orthodox Romantic Europe o Italy France Spain Germanic Europe o Lutheran in the North o Catholic in South Eastern Europe Ukraine Capital Kiev Major player in wheat Dnipro River Chernobyl nuclear disaster Crimean Peninsula Belarus Capital Minsk Similar to Russia less progressive The Pale Segregated land for Jews Poland Capital Warsaw Krakow Cultural center Balkan Nations Balkanization Fracturing of countries Serbia Capital Belgrade Serbs Largest Slavic ethnic group Capital Ljubljana Capital Zagreb Dubrovnik gated city on the coast Slovenia Croatia Bosnia Kosovo Capital Sarajevo Huge genocide against Bosnian Muslims Capital Pristina Essential a county of Serbia Cultural center of Serbia Czech Republic Slovakia Czech Capital Prague Slovakian Capital Bratislava Declared independence from Serbia but is not recognized by many nations Same language very similar people Czechs are more industrial while Slovaks are more agricultural Pres Bush called it New Europe Turkish Muslim poorest country in Europe Bulgaria Capital Sofia Albania Capital Tirana Macedonia aka FYROM Capital Skopje Montenegro Capital Podgorica Greece Capital Athens 1st large civilization Peloponnesian peninsula Romania Capital Bucharest Made of several regions o Transylvania o Moldavia Hungary Capital Budapest Surrounded by mountains Cultural heartland of Romania Baltic Nations Near Baltic Sea Lithuania Capital Vilnius Communist poorest of the Baltics Basketball Most rural Baltic nation Latvia Capital Riga o Seaport Large Russian population Russian frequently spoken Estonia Capital Tallinn Descended from Mongolia Culturally and economically similar to Finish people Scandinavian Nations Lie on Scandinavian Peninsula and practice mostly Lutheranism Technology big part of economy Nokia HQ d there Finland Capital Helsinki Sweden Capital Stockholm o City of islands Goteborg Industrial nations Mandated 0 carbon emissions by 2020 Norway Capital Oslo Fjords Lots of oil Denmark Capital Copenhagen Dairy and agriculture Prescription drugs Germanic Countries Germany Capital Berlin Incredibly efficient economy 4th in the world Hamburg On the Elbe River biggest seaport Frankfort THE airport center of banking and business European Central Bank Stuttgart Metropol auto industry and US armed forces HQ Munich Oktoberfest Siemens Co Romantic Europe Catholic Latin based Language Austria Capital Vienna o Music Capital France Capital Paris Strong Cultural Nationalism Industrial Marseille o Best Seaport o Darker people o Drugs Lyon o Medical Research o Interpol o Capital of French cuisine Bordeaux o Wine o Cheese Toulouse o HQ of Airbus Italy Capital Rome Po Valley 80 of Italy s GPA o Milan Venice Turin Milan Primate city o Fashion Naples o Center of Italian Culture o Home of Pizza o Close to the ancient city of Pompeii Florence Iberian Countries o Northern part of Spain contains 90 of the nations GPA Spain Capital Madrid Andaluc a Southern portion of Spain o Strong traditional roots o Bull fighting o Major city of Andaluc a o Oranges seaport Savilla Valencia Barcelona Madrid o Spanish stock market o Government Portugal Capital Lisbon Former world power for about 400 years British Isles Great Britain Contains 3 countries Scotland England Wales Scotland Wales England Capital Edinburgh Capital Cardiff Buffer Nations Countries between Germanic and romantic nations Capital London Ireland Capital Dublin Celtic Racial group Belfast Shipyard Switzerland Capital Bren Zurich o Banking Geneva o City of

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FSU GEA 1000 - Russia

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