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LATIN AMERICA PANGEA all land was together ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY Agriculture The plates moved due to pressure which formed the Continents Continents social construction Africa and U S collided which created the Appalachian Mountains Sustenance Farming use land for food and life Ex Share cropping of wheat cattle corn soy Con when there was drought there was death Pro Led to Urban Migration Trade Improves quality of life Number one and cheapest way is to move goods across water Ex Of key navigation points Panama Canal Panama Cape Horn Argentina Chile Straight of Magellan Atacama Desert The winds that flow up the high mountains prevent rain Andes are located on the right side of the plateaus Mountain Aconcagua Highest mountain in South America PHISIOGRAPHIC REGIONS of South America The Chaco low flat land clay swamp not good for agriculture Ex Paraguay and Llanos largest supply of Oil resources in the Western Hemisphere 2nd to Saudi Arabia Brazilian Highlands Amazon Basin and Amazon River Large river valley 1 3rd of South America Equator runs through the Basin Rainforest and climate provides Biodiversity 15 of World s Oxygen Medicine Industrial Materials Minerals and other Unique Compounds Fertile land for Agriculture Amazon River is the 2nd largest in the world Begins in the high mountains and is created by melted snow ice Over 250 rivers connect to it Destroyed by deforestation 10 15 Other things he talked about that you need to know Magdalena River in Colombia Guiana Highlands Orinoco River Angel Falls in Venezuela Highest Waterfall Paraguay River and Parana River join to create Rio Iguana Falls not sure about spelling 2x more water than Niagara Falls not to be confused with the biggest waterfall Victoria Falls Africa PEOPLE of LATIN AMERICA AMERINDIANS Peaked 100 150 million people in 15th century A little bit of history 1492 Christopher Columbus and crew comes to Americas settled South America first They bring with them small pox measles 1515 14 million people died to do disease and murder Today 2 5 3 5 million people 95 of Natives 80 100 million people died within 100 years MESTIZO MULATTO Offspring of Europeans and Natives Plantation African slave period Offspring of African slaves and Europeans RACIAL ALTITUDE Tierra Caliente European Amerindian agriculture lowest level Tierra Templada Amerindian Escaped and Freed Slavs big cities of Latin America Tierra Fria Tierra Helada exclusively Amerindian Tierra Nevada Amerindian MORE on European Conquistadors In search of precious metals only found silver Bullion esp Silver taken home in galleon led to the development of Mercantilism which led to Capitalism SUGAR is number one crop in Latin America and is number one desired crop in Europe Religion aspect convert to Christianity Why has North America been so successful 1776 American Exceptionalism state ruled by the people 1945 end of WWII England France Russia etc all wiped out Except for America who becomes 1 by default Held 75 of worlds GDP Today America holds 28 but is still richer than 1945 Rate of growth for rest of the world is much faster America s share is not as great EFFECTS ON EUROPE Land Tenor By the Portuguese and Spanish Land is divided in Europe based on Roman Empire Created Latifundia System Latifundia System By Portuguese and Spanish Peasants were sent to turn land into Agriculture Bases of Feudal System in Europe Renaissance in Europe Applied science to agriculture to increase crops Agricultural Revolution 1500 1600 s Began in North Europe East England Germany Netherlands Belgium Large number of Peasants move to river valleys for guild type jobs Created the Town System 1607 ENGLISH COME TO NORTH AMERICA Peasants were kicked off European land Brought town system Brought new religion Protestant Plantations were owned by Dukes ran by land lords Towns ran by Governors Amerindians were replaced by IRISH slaves for free labor Plantation only grows ONE crop for export profit 1643 ENGLAND Protestant Parliamentary Town Ran VS Royalist Supporters Feudal Stylist Catholic Plantation Creates English Civil War 200 year long process of war Protestant Parliamentary won Similar to American Civil War NORTH AMERICA VS SOUTH AMERICA differences Capitalism and town oriented best economical interest invaded 763 other countries mostly South American islands Protecting our Interests Plantation 99 9 peasants make profits for the rich 0 middle class leads to communism and socialism SOUTH AMERICAN INDIVIDUAL COUNTRIES BRAZIL Brasilia Very different focus Demographics large population over 190 million people unbalanced equilibrium Poorest Distribution of Wealth Tremendous natural resources Over 70 of world s oranges are grown Major Future Oil Producer Amazon River runs through Brazil MANAUS City capital of Amazon Region 2 5 million population tearing down Jungle for tourism River port for agriculture and metals minerals RIO DE JANIERO City Old Capital mountainous rivers famous beaches most diverse population in America Careoka s Samba Mardi Gras Party City SAO PAULO Super City Primate City Greatest of migrants 40 are squatters 20 25 million people 2 5x more skyscrapers than NYC Economic Miracle BRASILIA new city capital as of 1960 Corcovado The Christ the king statue Testable Pictures Sugarloaf Mountain Capital Building Cathedral Sao Paulo City Iguassu Falls one of the three largest Angel Falls highest waterfall ARGENTINA Buenos Aires Primate City Buenos Aires Mostly flat land Demographics European more European than any other country 90 95 White Argentines are from all countries in Europe Catholic Spanish Speaking Spanish Culture Tremendous Resources Misdistribution of Wealth inflation EVA PERON aka EVITA married a COL became very popular amongst poor In the last 50 years claimed bankruptcy 4 times last time being in 2004 Ex Kissed leper nursed people visited all European countries Set up Right Wing political organization hated by the rich super rich and not welcomed in N America nominated at Vice President 1976 military COO set up to get rid of her husband and overthrow military dictatorship EXAMPLES OF CAPITAL PRIMATE biggest pop Center of business HUBB GATEWAY CITY main airport entrance Buenos Aires EVITA PIC Casa Rosatta AMERICA Washington DC Primate NYC NY HUBB Atlanta GA CHILE Santiago 1 3rd of Chile is mostly mountains 250 miles Wide no longer than California Demographics Amerindian and Mestizo mostly European Germans and Italians Started by Northern Bask people from Spain COPPER most

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