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Notes for GEA1000 Exam 1: February 5, 2013. Canada: 2nd largest nation (confederation) in world by space. Provinces are loose confederation, can join and leave whenever they want. French founded Canada. Wealthy because Resource Rich: soil, lumber, oil, natural gas, uranium, coal, iron ore. China is biggest customer. *Hydroelectric power: produce more than need so sell it.Eastern Canada:Newfoundland: Fishing & oil. Grand Bank located here, best fishing in world. North American Air Traffic Control Center.St. John’s: Capital of Newfoundland.Nova Scotia: Peninsula, not an island. Almost everyone English today. Back in the day called “Acadia” (early 1700s, put French people in concentration camps, kill most of them, bring them down to our cities: New Orleans--Cajuns, came from Acadia).Halifax: Capital of Nova Scotia.Quebec: primarily French, old traditional French. Had many votes to succeed/separate from Canada. Extremely rich resources: bauxite. this is where hydroelectric power.Montreal: big city. Largest French speaking city in W. Hemisphere. French primate city of Canada, also one of most important cities of world for Manufacture of Aircraft. St. Joseph's Oratory. Quebec City: first and oldest city. When English conquered Canada, defeated French here in 1757, but most of walls and forts still there. Old-walled city, one of biggest tourist attractions in America. Chateaux Frontenac on Bluffs overlooking Old City of Quebec. Poutine: popular food in Quebec. Ontario: pure English speaking province, big rivals with French.Toronto: biggest Canadian city (one hour or two from Buffalo, NY). Strong American influence. English primate city of Canada. Biggest industrial center for Canada: steel, coal, etc.Ottawa: Capital of Canada, between Quebec and Ontario. The Canadian Parliament Building* 1 mill. miles of free museums (like Washington D.C.). Student hostel = old city jail.Western Canada: mostly flat land, like the Great Plains: wheat. Manitoba: Know where it is.Winnipeg: Capital of Manitoba.Saskatchewan: Know where it is.Regina: Capital of Saskatchewan.Alberta: Carbon Fuels: oil & natural gas, tarsands(more than anyone else in world). Rocky Mountains* most rugged, much more than the American mountains, covered with great glaciers.Edmonton: Capital of Alberta. "Oil Capital of Canada" Largest shopping mall in North America.Calgary: big Alberta city. Gateway to Rocky Mountains. "Cowboy Capital of World" Cowboy Hall of Fame, Calgary Stampede: world's greatest Rodeo. British Columbia: mostly rugged mountains with no roads up to Alaska.Vancouver: Economic metropole of Canada, on Pacific Rim, transport lumber & resources to China. Third largest city in Canada. Super rich Hong Kong Chinese move here, exploding with money. More than half of population are Asian decent + many minorities.United States:Alabama: Know where it is.Birmingham: “Steel City of the South” biggest city in central south. Major industrial center. Economic center. Mercedes Benz located here.Alaska: Know where it is.Anchorage: Know where it is.Arizona: Grand Canyon. Airplane Graveyard.Phoenix: Capital of Arizona. Washington: Know where it is.Seattle: ocean-going seaport. One of biggest metropoles, trade with China. Mount Rainier. Space Needle. Grunge Museum. Companies: Starbucks, Microsoft, Nintendo, Expedia, Amazon, Costco, Nordstrom, American Seafoods, etc.Oregon: Know where it is.Portland: "City of Roses" Salmon & Forest Products. Major Pacific rim city, transport lumber products to Asia. Bicycle friendly. Apparel companies headquarters: Nike, Adidas, Columbia Sportswear. "Silicon Forest," Intel. Utah: Know where it is.Salt Lake City: Mormons. Home of Mormon Temple & Mormon Tabernacle Choir.California: El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. Redwood trees. San Francisco: “Silicon Valley” Golden Gate bridge. Cable cars.Los Angeles: Santa Monica Pier. San Gabriel Mountains. Disney Concert Hall. LAX Airport. Hollywood sign.San Diego: World's largest zoo. Huge metro area. Home port of U.S. Navy/Pacific Fleet, most Navy ships. "Unconditional Surrender" (Naval port kiss). Cabrillo Monument (man who founded San Diego)Sacramento: Capital of California, know where it is.Colorado: Know where it is.Denver: Capital of Colorado, know where it is.Connecticut: Know where it is.Hartford: “Insurance Capital of World”Minnesota: Know where it is.Minneapolis: River port. Collects wheat in Grain Elevators, then on boat floats down to New Orleans to sell to rest of world. "City of Lakes" Home of Pillsbury Dough Boy (General Mills). Food & high technology, marketing. Cargill, Toro, DQ, Target, Best Buy, Land O' Lakes (butter).Nebraska: Know where it is.Omaha: Beef Capital of America. Warren Buffet--"the Sage of Omaha"--> Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Great profit center. Men's College World Series (baseball). South Dakota: Mount Rushmore. Largest herd of Buffalo in world! Custer State Park--Black Hills.Wyoming: Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone National Park. Grand Teton National Park (most beautiful mountains in America)Kansas: Know where it is.Wichita: Air Capital of World--Airbus, Cessna, Spirit Aerosystems, Boeing, Mooney, Beechcraft, Bombardier Learjet, MooneyIllinois: Know where it is.Chicago: Major business capital. Banks, investment houses. Willis tower, tallest building. The Bean. The Chicago Merchandise Mart.Indiana: Know where it is.Indianapolis: Home of Indianapolis 500. “Amateur Sports Capital of America” Speedway.Kentucky: Know where it is.Louisville: Kentucky Derby. Biggest city in KY. Bourbon, Whiskey! Religious: Presbyterian Church. Louisville Sluggers (baseball). Fort Knox: largest amount of Gold. KFC, Taco Bell.Michigan: Know where it is.Detroit: “The Motor City” "Automobile Capital of World" (not anymore, but know for exam). U.S. Tanks Automotive Command. Ford Auto Assembly Plant. Companies: Jeep, Chrysler, Ford, Penske, Delphi, GM, etc.Ohio: Know where it is.Cleveland: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum. Became steel city, went bankrupt, still losing population today. NFL Hall of Fame.Cincinnati: Know where it is.Texas: Know where it is.Dallas: starts from cotton. Cattle drives* start in Fort Worth(sister city). Railroads, transportation hub. "Silicon Prairie" computers. Location* headquarters of American companies here: Dr. Pepper, Exxon, Southwest, American Airlines, AT&T, Texas Instruments, Radio Shack, JC Penny, Chili's, Frito-Lay, Kleenex.Houston: The Houston Ship Channel. “Oil

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FSU GEA 1000 - Notes for GEA1000 Exam 1

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