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Pink Floyd

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Pink Floyd


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Musi 2060 - Hist/anlys Rock Mus
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MUSI 2060 1st Edition Lecture 29 Outline of Last Lecture I Led Zeppelin a Background b Song Examples c NOTE d Characteristics e Guitar Solos f Stairway to Heaven Outline of Current Lecture I Pink Floyd a Background b Recordings c Song Album Examples Current Lecture Pink Floyd Background o Originally formed in 1966 as the Pink Floyd Sound named after Piedmont blues singers Pink Anderson Floyd Council Syd Barret guitar vocals quit 1968 d 2006 Bob Klose guitar quit 1966 Roger Waters bass Nick Mason drums Rick Wright keyboards d 2008 o Blues rhythm and blues covers Different from the blues we have studied o Psychedelic Rock Candy and a Currant Bun First Recordings 1967 Abbey Road o Barret experiments more with LSD Music expanded in length Long detailed improvisations These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Use more electronic effects Barret is driving force for first album Piper at the Gates of Dawn 1967 o Barret replaced by David Gilmour 1968 o Albums continue practice of long improvisations electronic effects Song Album Examples o A Saucerful of Secrets descriptive tone poem Only cut credited to full band Long instrumental site Gilmour The aural equivalent of a war Part 1 Build up of tension Part 2 the war very discordant Part 3 Requiem o Atom Heart Mother 1970 Suite of six movements Collaboration of entire band In step with other British progressive bands of the time Yes ELP etc o Echoes from Meddle 1971 Many slow quadruple tempos Gradually build to dramatic crescendos Goes in unexpected musical directions Waters an epic sound poem o Dark Side of the Moon 1973 Floyd s most successful album Skillful blend of sound effects and fragments of speech with music and studio technology Musique Concr te Produced directed engineered by Alan Parsons Won Grammy for Album Production Brain Damage Crazy maniacal laughter Eclipse List song list of topics ideas connecting one stanza to the next until the sun is eclipsed by the moon o Wish You Were Here 1975 Dedicated to Syd Barret o Animals 1977 o The Wall 1979

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