UGA MUSI 2060 - Jimi Hendrix, Hard Rock (3 pages)

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Jimi Hendrix, Hard Rock

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Jimi Hendrix, Hard Rock


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Musi 2060 - Hist/anlys Rock Mus
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MUSI 2060 1st Edition Lecture 27 Outline of Last Lecture I The Doors a Influences b Important People c Characteristics d Song Examples II Jimi Hendrix a Early Influences b Early Groups Outline of Current Lecture I Jimi Hendrix a Early Groups cont d b General Style Characteristics II Hard Rock Heavy Metal a Style Characteristics Current Lecture Jimi Hendrix Continued Early Groups o Jimmy James and the Blue Flames 1965 Rhythm and blues blues rock n roll and Dylan covers Begins to experiment more with distortion controlled feedback fuzz tone other electronic effects Discovered by record producer Chas Chandler o Jimi Hendrix Experience formed late 1966 Hendrix Guitar vocals Noel Redding 1945 2003 Bass vocals Mitch Mitchel 1946 2008 Drums vocals Song Examples Purple Haze Wild Thing o The Band of Gypsies 1968 1969 These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Hendrix Guitar vocals Billy Cox Bass vocals Buddy Miles Drums vocals Encouraged to start all black band Only recorded one album sad because very powerful trio The Star Spangled Banner General Style Characteristics o Complex polyphonic texture o Use of distortion in melodic and rhythmic improvisation Fuzz box wah wah pedal vibrola bar whammy bar tremolo bar Controlled feedback Manipulates tone volume and pickup controls switches o Rapid guitar ornaments o Intricate overdubbing on studio albums o Complex song structures o Vividly descriptive lyrics o Studio as part of compositional process Tape manipulation backwards tapes speeding and slowing of tape speed Manipulating sound through stereo channels Musique concr te start of album Electric Ladyland Hard Rock Heavy Metal Term Heavy Metal o Derived from psychedelic rock o AKA Hard Rock o Substyles Include Speed metal Thrash Death metal Black metal White metal th o 19 Century Britain Big guns on warships Person of heavy power or influence th o 20 century rock Concepts images of power intensity Electrical mechanical power Tesla AC DC M torhead o Dangerous unpleasant animals Rat Scorpions o Dangerous unpleasant people Twisted Sister M tley Cr e o Blasphemy mysticism Black Sabbath Judas Priest Blue yster Cult o Death terror of death Anthrax Poison Megadeth Slayer o Archaic Gothic Queensr che o Archaic spelling misspelling on purpose Led Zeppelin Def Leppard only English spellings Style Characteristics o Sound vocals mixed into overall sound Loud volumes Lead guitar oriented Electronic distortion Thick textured sound o Form mostly riff based songs Some dependence on basic forms strophic standard hybrid o Harmony simple chord progressions 3 5 chords in basic progression Progressions based on guitar practical technique Power chord root fifth Bass ostinato riff is the harmonic basis o Time Fast tempos Simple duple quadruple meters Strong hard backbeat Bass ostinato riff is also the rhythmic basis

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