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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


Study Guide
University of Georgia
Musi 2060 - Hist/anlys Rock Mus
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MUSI 2060 1st Edition Final Exam Study Guide Lectures 19 30 Terms Call response antiphonal when vocalist is answered by either a group of vocalists or by instruments or in between instruments Backbeat putting a strong accent on the off beats in a four beat measure these would be on beats 2 and 4 basic rhythm of rock music Vamp short chord progressions used to mark time singer can usually talk over them Strophic all verses are sung to the same music but the lyrics change most blues song are this song form Musique concr te skillful blend of sound effects and fragments of speech with music and studio technology Polyrhythms 2 or more rhythms performed at the same time Melisma one syllable is sung over many pitches Fill instrumental embellishment played during rests in the vocal melody standard 12 bar blues has a fill at the end of each sung line anything played by a drummer other than strict time keeping Flat four beat all four beats of the measure are emphasized equally Heavy metal aka hard rock Rif short melodic rhythmic pattern that s repeated over and over while musical changes take place over fragment often harmonic and rhythmic basis of the entire song Happening a performance event or situation meant to be considered art usually as performance art Distortion devices create warm and dirty sounds by compressing the peaks of an electric musical instrument s sound wave which results in a large number of added overtones o Wah wah pedals fuzz tone reverberation feedback etc Polyphonic texture two or more melodies occurring at once that are of equal importance Two beat bass bassist pays root of the chord on the first beat of a measure and the fifth of the chord on the third beat of a measure associated with country music Feedback a special kind of positive feedback which occurs when a sound loop exists between an audio input and an audio output Aleatory musicians told to get from point A to point B however they want quickly stepwise etc controlled chaos Standard song form AABA musical structure that has two musical parts A B the A part is played and repeated 8 8 measures followed by the B part or bridge 8 measures and another A part 8 measures for an overall AABA 32 measures sometimes A part is divided into verse chorus Concept album a studio album where all musical or lyrical ideas contribute to a single overall theme or unified story Contrafact a musical composition consisting of a new melody overlaid on a familiar harmonic structure Bend bent notes notes that are slightly altered by pulling on string raising lowering the voice tightening loosening embouchure or mouth position on a horn also called a blue note Power chord a combination of two tones consisting of a root and its fifth Power trio a rock and roll band format having a lineup of guitar bass and drums leaving out the rhythm guitar or keyboard that are used in other rock music to fill out the sound with chords Montuno improvisation on two chord progression Skiffle short lived British version of American Folk Super group members of the band had already gotten their fame from being in other groups and now they came together to form a new band People Brian Epstein manager of the Beatles Stu Sutclife original bassist of the Beatles Nanker Phelge collaborative composition of the whole Rolling Stones band Augustus Owsley consulting engineer of Grateful Dead aka Bear Aldous Huxley British writer of the book Brave New World The Doors of Perception etc influenced The Doors Jimmy Page lead guitar for Led Zeppelin influenced by Chuck Berry James Burton Scotty Moore Muddy Waters Syd Barret guitar and vocals of Pink Floyd Jello Biafra lead vocals of Dead Kennedys Pete Best original drummer for the Beatles replaced by Ringo Starr Pete Meaden manager of the Who when they were The High Numbers Andrew Oldham manager of The Rolling Stones Chas Chandler a record producer who discovered Jimi Hendrix Allen Ginsberg influenced Jim Morrison with his poetry The Yardbirds English rock band that included Jimmy Page Alan Parsons produced directed and engineered Pink Floyd s Dark Side of the Moon George Martin producer of the Beatles Kenney Jones drums for The Who after Keith Moon The Glimmer Twins Mick Jagger and Keith Richards as producers of the Rolling Stones Billy Cox bassist of the Jimi Hendrix Experience Arthur Rimbaud French symbolist poet that influenced Jim Morrison John Paul Jones bass and keyboards of Led Zeppelin Malcolm McLaren manager of the Sex Pistols Styles Characteristics Genres Psychedelic Rock o Recording quality is hazy muted o Changing focus of performers in the mix hungupedness o Volume levels in concert very loud o Loudness results in distortion o Use of electronic devices for distortion Fuzz tone Wah wah pedal invented in 1966 Phasing done on control board o Use of feedback o Emphasis on instrumentation especially on lead guitarists o Influenced by American rhythm blues bands and R B influenced British bands o Group Examples Drug Use Blue Cheer Jefferson Airplanes Cross Images Electric Prunes Electric Flag Grateful Dead Iron Butterfly Hard Rock o Sound vocals mixed into overall sound Loud volumes Lead guitar oriented Electronic distortion Thick textured sound o Form mostly riff based songs Some dependence on basic forms strophic standard hybrid o Harmony simple chord progressions 3 5 chords in basic progression Progressions based on guitar practical technique Power chord root fifth Bass ostinato riff is the harmonic basis o Time Fast tempos Simple duple quadruple meters Strong hard backbeat Bass ostinato riff is also the rhythmic basis o Group Examples Electrical mechanical power Tesla AC DC M torhead M tley Cr e Black Sabbath Slayer Megadeth Misspelling on purpose Led Zeppelin Def Leppard Punk Rock and proto pre o Sound Loud volumes Basic rock band lead guitar bass guitar drums vocals o Form o o o o o o Simple song forms Strophic Standard AABA Harmony Simple chord progressions Practical guitar chords fit under fingers easily 2 3 chords in progression Bass riff is often harmonic foundation Time Tempos very fast Typically quadruple meter Drums heavily accent every beat Melody Vocals limited in range Vocals sometimes yelled in monotone Guitar solos generally avoided simple limited in range Text Generally anti establishment society government Often violence oriented Sometimes vulgar banned from radio BBC Express frustration of musicians and fans Sometimes politically or socially oriented Other Safety pins in body parts Torn

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