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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


Study Guide
University of Georgia
Musi 2060 - Hist/anlys Rock Mus

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MUSI 2060 1st Edition Final Exam Study Guide Lectures 19 30 Terms Call response antiphonal when vocalist is answered by either a group of vocalists or by instruments or in between instruments Backbeat putting a strong accent on the off beats in a four beat measure these would be on beats 2 and 4 basic rhythm of rock music Vamp short chord progressions used to mark time singer can usually talk over them Strophic all verses are sung to the same music but the lyrics change most blues song are this song form Musique concr te skillful blend of sound effects and fragments of speech with music and studio technology Polyrhythms 2 or more rhythms performed at the same time Melisma one syllable is sung over many pitches Fill instrumental embellishment played during rests in the vocal melody standard 12 bar blues has a fill at the end of each sung line anything played by a drummer other than strict time keeping Flat four beat all four beats of the measure are emphasized equally Heavy metal aka hard rock Rif short melodic rhythmic pattern that s repeated over and over while musical changes take place over fragment often harmonic and rhythmic basis of the entire song Happening a performance event or situation meant to be considered art usually as performance art Distortion devices create warm and dirty sounds by compressing the peaks of an electric musical instrument s sound wave which results in a large number of added overtones o Wah wah pedals fuzz tone reverberation feedback etc Polyphonic texture two or more melodies occurring at once that are of equal importance Two beat bass bassist pays root of the chord on the first beat of a measure and the fifth of the chord on the third beat of a measure associated with country music Feedback a special kind of positive feedback which occurs when a sound loop exists between an audio input and an audio output Aleatory musicians told to get from point A to point B however they want quickly stepwise etc controlled chaos Standard song

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