UGA MUSI 2060 - Punk Rock, New Wave, Alternative Rock (3 pages)

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Punk Rock, New Wave, Alternative Rock

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Punk Rock, New Wave, Alternative Rock


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Musi 2060 - Hist/anlys Rock Mus
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MUSI 2060 1st Edition Lecture 30 Outline of Last Lecture I Pink Floyd a Background b Recordings c Song Album Examples Outline of Current Lecture I Punk Rock a Background Information b Characteristics c Groups II New Wave III Alternative Rock a Characteristics Current Lecture Punk Rock 1970s reaction against o Art rock o Heavy metal o Disco Philosophy rebellion against established norms Musically an extension of 1960s hard rock styles Artistic movement Not sure o Dadaist movement questions what art is like punk questions what music is o Anti art movement Anarchic nihilistic pessimistic self destructive o Violent when listening to music in a group start of mosh pit fad Style Characteristics o Sound Loud volumes Basic rock band lead guitar bass guitar drums vocals o Form These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Simple song forms Strophic Standard AABA o Harmony Simple chord progressions Practical guitar chords fit under fingers easily 2 3 chords in progression Bass riff is often harmonic foundation o Time Tempos very fast Typically quadruple meter Drums heavily accent every beat o Melody Vocals limited in range Vocals sometimes yelled in monotone Guitar solos generally avoided simple limited in range o Text Generally anti establishment society government Often violence oriented Sometimes vulgar banned from radio BBC Express frustration of musicians and fans Sometimes politically or socially oriented o Other Safety pins in body parts Torn dark clothes Sadomasochistic tendencies in performers and fans Dances pogo slamming moshing Punk Groups o Sex Pistols God Saved the Queen 1977 Johnny Rotten Lydon lead vocal Sid Vicious bass Malcolm MacLaren manager o Dead Kennedys Holiday in Cambodia 1980 Jello Biafra lead vocal o The Clash Know Your Rights 1982 White Man in Hammersmith Palais 1977 o The Police Roxanne 1978 Every Breath You Take 1983 Sting Gordon Sumner lead vocal New Wave Non political non social lyrics Fun stuff party music Thicker textures with more keyboards Less harsh sound than punk More complex chord progressions More philosophical lyrics in some bands o Devo Jocko Homo o The Cars Just What I Needed Alternative Rock Bands from mid 1980s 90s Alternative to o Metal hair bands o Dance music techno o Pop punk commerciality o Rap commerciality Characteristics o Simple guitar bands lack of keyboards o Simple chord progressions o Chords move by step half step two frets or one fret on guitars o Relatively simple guitar solo not flashy o Aggressive rhythms o Lyrics addressed problems of youth at time Generation X Also referred to as grunge Inspired by raw rough edge of 1960s garage bands gritty harder rock Beat groups from England Kinks The Who Many bands from I 5 connector between San Francisco and Seattle Most from college towns Most very popular with college radio college audiences R E M Nirvana Lithium o Kurt Cobain lead vocal o Krist Noveselic bass guitar o Dave Grohl drums Pearl Jam

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