VCU ARTH 103 - Roamanesque Art & Architecutre (3 pages)

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Roamanesque Art & Architecutre

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Roamanesque Art & Architecutre


Romanesque Art & Architecture

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Virginia Commonwealth University
Arth 103 - Survey of Western Art

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ARTH 103 1nd Edition Lecture 10 Outline of Last Lecture XXVII Hiberno Saxon Viking Empires XXVIII The Carolingian Empires XXIX Mozarabic Ottonian Empires Outline of Current Lecture XXX Romanesque Art Architecture Current Lecture An intellectual revolution Holy pilgrimages would go to Northern Spain Reliquary Statue of St Foy gilding on wood with gems Contains part of St Foy s skull believed to have healing powers A martyred Saint as a child A neighboring monastery stole the relic and claimed that St Foy appeared saying that she d rather be at the neighboring monastery Reliquaries often portray what is contained inside Reconstruction drawing of the Cathedral of St James Built to hold the relic of St James who is considered to be the brother of Christ St James is beheaded in Jerusalem o Hundreds of years later his skeleton is washed up on the shores of Compostela o A shepherd found the skeleton by being led by a bright star Cathedral is huge to accommodate the overwhelming amount of pilgrims Plan of Santiago de Compostela Ambulatory walkway that goes around the perimeter of the Church o Made to view relics around the church and not to disrupt service Small chapels contained relics Transcept contains a second entrance for pilgrims Plan of Abbey Church of Notre Dame These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Multiple buildings surrounded a cloister a covered walkway Separate buildings dedicated to the convent s trade Church for the religious leaders that lived there Nave of Durham Cathedral Geometric patterns all over the columns and was painted 3 Part elevation Arcade gallery clerestory Cathedral Complex Pisa Has Byzantine elements Pisa under Islamic control until the 11th century Relatively short buildings and contain heavy decoration within Does not contain stone vaulting know the Romanesque Church portal pg 478 South Portal and Porch Priory Church of Saint

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