UT Arlington BIOL 3454 - Exam 1 Study Guide (9 pages)

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Exam 1 Study Guide

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Exam 1 Study Guide


evolution, development, taxonomy and character matrix

Study Guide
University of Texas at Arlington
Biol 3454 - General Zoology

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BIOL 3454 1nd Edition Exam 1 Study Guide Lectures 1 9 Lecture 1 August 22 Syllabus review Lecture 2 August 25 I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X Zoology Exam 1 Material Branch of Biology that studies Animals a Animals Zoo b Domain Eukarya c Kingdom animal Reproduction asexual sexual a Intrautene cannibalism sand tiger shark i Tropical temperate regions ii Not dangerous to humans iii Mothers produce several 40 70 eggs they eat each other until only 1 is left on each side b DNA RNA Metabolism a Very complex in animals b Catabolic breaking down c Organisms acquire energy nutrients from the environment then process them Development a Bacteria is immortal lives until something kills it b All organisms have a life cycle often several life cycles c Animals senesce age getting older with the exception of bacteria Environmental Interaction a Ecology study of organismal interactions between their abiotic biotic environments b Niche physical temporal space an organism can exist in Irritability organisms response ability to respond to stimuli Organisms parts show complex somewhat predictable movements Characteristics of Science a Guided by natural laws b Explainable by natural laws c Testable d Conclusions are tentative pending new evidence e Falsifiable Scientific Method a Observation b Question c Hypothesis d Test or experiment e Conclusion f Publication dissemination of results XI XII XIII XIV Peppered Moth Example Industrial Melanism a Industrial revolution coal burned b Deposited soot in the surrounding areas c Darkened trees buildings ect d 2 pollutions i Coil dust 1st ii Carcinogenic in product 2nd e Biston Betularia Exhibits a range of colors from white to black f Before industrial revolution most trees were light as trees got darker moths did too g The green stuff that grows on trees is lichen Proximate vs Ultimate a Causality how does it happen proximate aspects i Why does it happen ultimate aspects b Example avoidance or inbreeding depression through MHC locus

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