UT Arlington BIOL 3454 - Chordata continued (3 pages)

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Chordata continued

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Chordata continued


chordata continued

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University of Texas at Arlington
Biol 3454 - General Zoology

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BIOL 3454 1nd Edition Lecture 29 Lecture 12 3 I Actinopterygii a Bony ray finned fishes b Monophyletic c 30 000 species d Named for their lepidotrichia or fin rays e Less than 1cm to 10m in size f 2 major groups i Chondrostei primitive paraphyletic or polyphyletic ii Neopterygii contains the modern fish or teleosts which are monophyletic II chondrostei a taxonomy very fluid contains about 50 species b sturgeon paddlefish bichirs and others c most lack typical scales d share many characteristics with sharks e skeleton made of cartilage f similar jaw structure g some minor bone development in a few h Bichris i Reedfish ii African iii 12 species iv Sister group to all other ray finned fishes i Paddlefish i Native to TX protected except for OK ii Filter feeders iii Use paddle for electroreception j Sturgeon i 25 species ii Holarctic distribution iii Up to 5m long iv Majority of species very endangered k Neopterygii Holostei i Contains the gar and bowfin ii Paraphyletic iii Share characteristics with chondrichthyans Chondrostei and teleosts iv Many in TX all new world l Gar i 7 species in 2 gnera ii Ganoid scales that interlock These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute iii Very predatory iv Alligator gar are a sportfish III Noepterygii Holostei a All other fish b 26 000 species c From the Triassic d Some have extensive parental care e Extremely diverse life history strategies f Some viviparous and have only one offspring at a time IV Sarcopterygii classical taxonomy a Lobe finned fishes b 8 species in 2 groups c Acrtinisita coelocanths 2 species d Dipnoi lung fish 6 species can breathe air and cocoon e Gondwanan distribution extinct species inhabited Pangea and Laurasia f Cladistics sense all tetrapods are sarcoptergyians humans included V Amphibians a Ectothermic tetrapods b 7000 species c Everywhere but strictly marine habitats d Require at least moist

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