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12/5/13 CTE 3512 Final flashcards | Quizletquizlet.com/31618746/cte-3512-final-flash-cards/ 1/13CTE 3512 Final Created by rtc12 182 termsPaul Poiret French Fashion Designer known forfreeing womens silhouettes. First to begin perfume business "king of fashion" trained with charlesworthfreed women of corsets hobble skirtlampshade dressharem style trousersturbinsHobble Skirts causes you to hobble, starts at the naturalwaist, poofs and then tightens at thekneesDelphos Gown Classical Greecian inspired gown madeof high quality silk. Emphasize thefunctionality and ease of movement.Pleated down front and back lacedtogether. Stitched down side.Duster still around, to keep suits cleanLingerie Dresses White cotton or linen dress, were softand ornamented with tucks, ruffles,pleats, and lace. These resembled the frilly lingerie of theperiod.Bishop Sleeve at this period made with a row of verticalpleats at the shoulder that released into asoft, full sleeve gathered to a fitted cuffat the wrist was popular until about1840.Art Nouveau attempt by artists and artisans to developa style with no roots in earlier artisticforms. Characterized by curved lines,contorted and stylized forms fromnature, and movement.Quizlet12/5/13 CTE 3512 Final flashcards | Quizletquizlet.com/31618746/cte-3512-final-flash-cards/ 2/13Tailormade matching jackets and shirts worn with ablouse. predominant for wear outside thehome.Tea gowns provided relief from the tight lighting,worn without a corset, loosely fitted, softlinesPompadour hair style with the hair built high in frontand at the sides around the faceKnickers new sportswear garment appeared after1850. Cut with loose legs and belted intoa band that buckled just below the knee.Pegtop Skirts Full at hip, narrowing to ankles, tunicsand underskirtsMinaret Tunic Paul Poiret; a wide tunic boned to holdout the skirt in a full circle and wornover the narrowest of hobble skirts.Pullovers knitted sweaters that pulled over theheadLounge Coat british term for a sack jacket, a standardsuit jacket worn for all occasions even inleisure time.Ascots ties with wide ends that were worn withone end looped over the other and heldin place with a tie pinTop Coats overcoat ending at the hip; worn byaffluent men who could afford more thanone overcoatBlazer jacket worn with unmatched trousersworn for tennis, yachting, or other sportsFlapper fashionable young women of the 20sL85 Regulations restrictions placed on clothes in WWIIno trouser cuffsextra pocketsvest double breastwidth of skirt hemlength of trousesuit jacketSportswear a category of clothing designed for theperiod, based on activityHookless Fasteners Original name for the zipper as imporvedby Gideon Sundback12/5/13 CTE 3512 Final flashcards | Quizletquizlet.com/31618746/cte-3512-final-flash-cards/ 3/13Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel Insisted that the costumes be appropriatefor the action of the drama, responsiblefor new authenticity in film clothes. Littleblack dress. Boxy jackets.Madeleine Vionnet Queen of the bias cutBias Cut diagonal direction of clothmost stretchElsa Schiaparelli Italian designer who worked with Dali insurrealist fashion. One of the first to usezippers. Invented "Shocking Pink"Haute Couture exclusive, custom fitted clothingMainbocher American designer who designed WallisSimpson's wedding dressClaire McCardell credited with starting matching separates,dirndl skirts, the monastic, the diaperbathing suit, ballet slippers, and theponchoAdrian American costume designer whose mostfamous costumes were for The Wizard ofOz and other MetroGoldwynMayerfilms of the 1930s and 1940sNorman Norell American fashion designer known forhis elegant suits and tailored silhouettes.Pauline Trigere Frenchborn American fashion designer,known for her crisp, tailored cuts andinnovative ideas.Art Deco derives from the name of an expositionheld in Paris in 1925. Geometric forms,Egyptian and Mayan motifs, Cubism,Fauvism, Expressionism.Surrealism beyond the real. Nonconventional scenesand objects, drawing on thesubconscious imagination.Panties derived from drawers or knickers forwomen in 1920s. Short, buttoned orelasticizes at the waist, often verydecorativeStepins combination of camisole and pantiesTeddies combination of camisole and panties12/5/13 CTE 3512 Final flashcards | Quizletquizlet.com/31618746/cte-3512-final-flash-cards/ 4/13Handkerchief Skirt a hem of several corners that hang downEnsembles matching dresses and coats, or skirts,overblouses, and coats.Robe de Style evening dress with dropped waistlineand a full skirt reminiscent of thecrinoline period, alternative to tubularsilhouette.Clutch Coats had no fastening and had to be held shutBobbed for a woman to have her hair cutShingle exceptionally short haircut for womenwith back hair cut and tapered like aman'sEton Crop Women's hair closely cropped anddressed like a man'sBriefs derived from panties during the 30s, latercalled briefs as they grew shorter.Eisenhower Jackets based on military jackets, slightlybloused above the waist and gatheredinto a beltSloppy Joes large loose pullovers worn byadolescents in 1940sDirndl Skirts women's skirt gathered into waistlineproduce more bouffant effect derives from peasant costumePageboy bob straight hair worn shoulderlenth orshoter ends curled under very smoothlyat back and sidesFeather cut hair style for women, short and curlySlacks garments made like men's trousers forcasual wear, starting in the late 20sLastex fabric made form yarns with a rubbercore covered by another fiber. Stretchy,used to make bathing suits.Boxer Shorts underwear for men, introduced in the30sJockey Shorts fitted brief knit shorts, patented in 1935Tshirts knit undershirts with short sleevesintroduced during the war12/5/13 CTE 3512 Final flashcards | Quizletquizlet.com/31618746/cte-3512-final-flash-cards/ 5/13Oxford Bags mens long trousers very wide cuffed legsEnglish drape suit Jackets with wider shoulders and morefitted at the hips. Slight drape or wrinklethrough the chest and shoulders.Windsor Spread collar, worn with the largerWindsor tie knotZoot Suit extreme form of sack suit with longjacket, very wide shoulders, wide lapelsPolo Coats made of camel's hair, double breasted,six buttoned closing, halfbelt in thebackEnglish guards coat dark blue coat with wide lapels and aninverted pleat in the back and a half beltZipin linings cold weather coats convertible to use inwarmerMackinaws hip length sport jacket heavy wool woven patterns similar

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