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Jaymie Ticknor Developmental Psychology 3620 Sect 853 11 and 14 October 2013 Lecture 17 Chapter 8 Powerpoint School in the U S High school drop out number 18 for graduation in the U S IQ score is not directly correlated with job and school performance What Affect School Performance stronger predictors than IQ Socioeconomic status strongest impact most important funding teachers family neighborhood school qualities district self control second most important focus marshmallow experiment girls outperform boys Attributions how do you explain your successes and your failures third most important who do you blame Stereotype threat different categories if faced with negative stereotype performance can reflect the stereotype to be true have the performance become worse than normal Expectancy effects self fulfilling prophecy Teacher s expectancy students improve when teacher has an idea that they can shine Can also happen to students Risk Factors associated with Poverty Lecture 18 Chapter 8 Powerpoint Poor health due to lack of health care unsafe living conditions and poor diet lack of resources in the neighborhood and structured after school activities high rates of depression and posttraumatic stress disorder in both parents and children Anxiety linked to caring for a family in a dangerous neighborhood where loved ones may be lost to violence or witness frightening events High levels of stress that contribute to marital discord and instability safety concerns that limit children s ability to explore their environment poor schools with inadequate facilities Racism or other discrimination segregation leading to a lack of opportunities and social exclusion Early Indicators infant sensorimotor performance don t predict later intelligence Early visual attention language ability Attraction to novelty attracted to something new higher IQ Habituation great curiosity stop finding interest in old things and look for new stimuli general cognitive development Boys are more likely to repeat a grade than girls more likely to drop out of school than girls More likely to be diagnosed with a learning disability emotional disturbance or a speech impediment than girls underperforming girls in reading writing Fewer completing 4 year college degrees than girls less likely to plan to attend graduate school or professional school after completion of their bachelor s degrees the problem particularly salient for minority boys and boys from disadvantaged backgrounds Stereotype impact is a possible reason encourage girls to go get an education drop out to get a job to support parents siblings family etc more pressure from society to do well not try as hard just to get a good job motivation environment is inhibited sit still boys more active girls receive more compliments and encouraged

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