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Notes for Exam #4Continued from the notes from exam #3….Sports and Femininity Framing- “Playing Unfair clip”- The media Image of Female Athletes o How are woman athletes portrayed?  Woman are portrayed in a hyper sexualized ways: “Sexuality”- Sexualityo Female athletes far more likely to be depicted in sexualized and hyperfeminine way o Why?  Likely reflects strong cultural anxieties over changing definition of femininity and masculinity  But this reality undermines the power of women as athletes, especially as a challenge to traditional notions of masculinity  Individual athletes may choose to buy into this for various reasons, but still must consider effects on both women and men -Infantilizationo Woman athletes are related in a “childlike” way What does this term suggest? -Idea that the rhetoric used about women makes them look subservient to guys-Softness, weakness, wholesome, high morals, plays fairly, treats others nicely, plays down competition, innocence, youthfulness, “girl next door” o Announcers refer to woman in sports as “girls” and men in sports as “men.”o Woman are referred to as their first name and men are referred by their last name (this undercuts their importance)-Emotionalityo Level of emotion in the gameWomen cry moreTeam-oriented/moral boostersMen are talked about emotionally as “individuals” and woman are talked about as “teams.” -Women corporate and don’t necessarily compete. -Sexual Orientationo Lesbianism? “Threat of homosexuality/lesbianism”-WNBA has dealt with this the most. -Non-competitive roles: WNBA vs. NBAo Woman are shown through media with outside activities much more than men o WNBA has more rules- less exciting Profiles about women include EVERYTHING. Profiles of men athletes just talk about them as the player. “How the men perform in the game”-Women sports always have “lady” or “woman” before the title. o Ex: WNBA, LPGA tour, Women’s World Cup, Lady Raiders-Gender Markingo Less of a market for women Example: http://www.utsports.com/sports/w-baskbl/tenn-w-baskbl-body.html - Summary: “Inside the paint:” Tennessee basketball team hugging their parents, dancing around, eating food, at the Bahamas, jet skiing, showing thanksgiving break at free port, then they show theguys training, warming up, shows top 5 plays etc (all basketball related)  Example: http://www.goladyraiders.com/ - Summary: “Michigan outlast Texas Tech at Barlcays:” Short interview about how they will prepare for the next game  Example: http://www.latechsports.com/sports/w-baskbl/ o Summary: “LaTech” Brief overview about women’s stats  Ex: FIFA World cup Brazil Germany 2011: FIFA women’s world cup PGA Tour Final Four Atlanta 2013 Women’s Final Four New Orleans-Aesthetics and “gender-specific” sportsSports and Masculinity (know these clips)- Framing three basic issues (clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikDXcfzA848) o “Wrestling with manhood: Boys, Bullying and Battering:” Defending professional wrestling and how popular it is among young men. Why are people watching? Why is it affecting society? “I thought you were a man!” Women are there for the power of men (Men forcing themselves onto women) Shows that were entertained by beating up women. Society doesn’t make it a big deal. It is to ENTERTAIN YOU - Sports as venue for objectifying women (examples: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/; http://bleacherreport.com/) o College Football Picks: Week 15 predictions for every game  Showing man’s strength in football - Sports as a place for “real men” (clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3exzMPT4nGI) o “Tough Guise: Violence, media and the crisis in masculinity  Show men defining what a “real man” is: Tough, masculine, competitive, strong etc Where do boys learn this? MEDIA! Family, friends, environment etc  Shows the difference of race and masculinity - Connection between being a MAN and being VIOLENCE- Sports as a bastion for homophobiao Case study: John Amaechi (clip:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_bFaGC0emQ) John Amaechi on Paula Zahn- Professional Basketball player comes out about being gay- Didn’t come out until he retired (media is implying not to come out until you retire)o Tim Hardaway responds (clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JnIkoRVLpQ) John Amaechi on outside lines; First Report: Bob Ley- reports bball coming out about being gay- Tim Hardaway commented that he doesn’t want a gay player on histeam because he doesn’t think it’s right. He would ask for him to get traded. - Commissioner Dan Stern commented saying that Haradway has no right to represent his team in that manner. He was appalled. Race and Ethnicity in Sports- Three main venues- In the Media, In the Stands and On the fieldo In the media  Main issues? - Marketing Blackness - Ex: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Abr_LU822rQo Retro Michael Jordan and Spike Lee commercial “IT’S GOT TO BE THE SHOES!” (Nike commercial) “Air Jordan from Nike”- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZY152lZHA0c o Michael Jordan Cuba Gooding Hanes Commercial about Hanes underwear “I’m wearing your underwear”- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSRzdXshLow o Tiger Woods- Hello World Commercial about Tiger Woods and all of his victories with golf- “I’ve heard I’m not ready for you”“Are you ready for me”o Nike commercial - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oTMosZ76b8 ) o Tiger Woods Nike golf commercial bouncing a golfball on his golf club then hitting it Nike commercial again - “Republicans buy shoes, too.” --Michael Jordano In the Stand  Racism in soccer- (ex. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tEviDXNHzs) o Racism in football: “It’s not black and white” How African Americans had to deal with people making racial comments- The soccer ball doesn’t care what color you are.  Bringing racism back to football  African American played for the Bermuda team: Clyde Vest  Racism in football - (ex. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98pPOQW43CI)o ESPN 30 for 30- Ghost of Ole Miss Fritz Mitchell- Ole miss still carries the scars from that season Civil Rights era-KKK burns a cross in the front lawn Guys studies the history of the south- 1962 football season- most remarkable season  A story of a black man, 30,000 guns and the one of the greatest football teams in history - Ex: “Heritage not hate

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