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Ch 12

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Ch 12


Nutr for our Grandparents and alcohol consumption

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NUTR 202 1nd Edition Lecture 24 Nutrition for Grandparents Benefits of good nutrition into adult years Keeps you active and improves quality of life prevents malnutrition and delays onset of chronic diseases In U S life expectancy is in the 80 s Remaining healthy healthy life expectancy is only 70 years Definition of Aging Accumulation of changes associated with and responsible for an ever increasing susceptibility to disease and death Process include Loss of cells and cell fxn occurs Effects are not felt for many years because organisms start with more cells and cell function than needed Reduced ability to repair damage and resist infection DRIs include four adult age groups Young adulthood ages 19 30 Middle age ages 31 50 Adulthood ages 51 70 Older adulthood over age 70 ENERGY WILL DECREASE btw adulthood and older adulthood increased vitamins minerals As you age E requirements will be less but not less nutrition Energy needs in elderly Decrease with decreasing LBM decreasing BMR Need for other nutrients Stays the same or increases To meet these changes Consume nutrient dense foods phytochemicals dense Body Composition Energy Needs in Older Adults At same weight have less muscle mass fatter BOLD IS BEST BIG COLOR AND BIG FLAVOR 5 9 servings a day fiber to prevent constipation hemorrhoids and diverticulosis Older adults need to get enough fiber and water to help reduce the risk of constipation and diverticulosis As we age there is a reduction in sense of Thirst Physiological effects of aging reduces ability to conserve water in the Kidneys Risk of dehydration increases The DRI for vitamin D and Calcium increase for the older adult to reduce risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures Accelerated bone loss after menopause Needs increase after the age of 50 for women After 70 for men As we age the ability of skin to make Vitamin D less activation less Ca transport to bones from sunlight declines also reduced sun exposure Vitamin D RDA 600 IU 600 800 for those 71 and older

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