TAMU SOCI 205 - Final Exam Study Guide (5 pages)

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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


Final Exam Review from slideshow posted by Prof. Mackin

Study Guide
Texas A&M University
Soci 205 - Intro To Sociology

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SOCI 205 1nd Edition Exam 3 Study Guide Lectures 20 27 Lecture 20 What is the functionalist approach to race Functionalists believe that race exists because it legitimatizes inequality It was thought that the strict functional view was that ascribed characteristics were linked to skill and talent however few functionalists held hold these views What is the conflict approach to race Conflict approach says that each race has the corresponding outcomes due to differential access to wealth power and status What are the concepts of the social construction of race Racial formation says that ideology determines one s race Under racial formation is hypo descent one drop rule which states that if a white person has one drop of African blood in them they are black Racialization is defined as the extension of racial meaning to previously unclassified relationship practice or group Ex Early settlers would identify as Christian rather than white Or that Africans are heathens therefore enslaving them is okay How does race vary by time and place In Brazil if you have any white features you are never considered black they are much less strict on race Whereas in England anyone that is not white is considered black What were the Irish Foundlings 40 Irish Catholic Orphans Adopted 16 are abducted by Anglo vigilantes 3 turned over to Anglos and 21 return to NYC with Catholic nuns Nuns sue to reclaim kids and this is how the court responds and neither the legality of vigilantes or Mexicans were addressed Court contradiction Mexicans are unfit to raise children but the US census is that Mexicans are categorized as white Lecture 21 How did life chances for blacks change with agency and structure Pre civil war Slaveholding elite controlled political legal and economic system Poor whites didn t benefit from this system because the presence of slaves meant the poor could not demand higher wages Industrial expansion lower class whites competed with blacks but at the same time lower class

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