TAMU SOCI 205 - Sociology of Work (2 pages)

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Sociology of Work

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Sociology of Work


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Soci 205 - Intro To Sociology
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SOCI 205 1st Edition Lecture 25 Outline of Last Lecture II Social Groups Outline of Current Lecture II Sociology of Work III Reading Discussion Lindner Current Lecture II Sociology of Work a Marx i Alienation 1 Separation from means of production Most workers do not own their tools machines they work on or the fields they work on 2 Paid less than value produced 3 No control when they work what they make or their daily life in the work place a Overlap with Weber s concern about how large bureaucracies are playing a bigot role ii Sociologist of work conflict between workers and managers over control and supervision b Chaplin s Movie Clip Modern Times i For The Tramp Chaplin s character 1 How are relations with co workers a Mostly combative because if one does not fulfill their obligation it slows down the entire line 2 How are relations with superiors a Combative monitoring systems to catch employees not working and direct them to work 3 How is the work experience c Harry Braverman i Deskilling 1 Deskilling accompanied the rise of the assembly line 2 20th century shift from artisanal to assembly production a separation of mental and manual labor d Frederick Winslow Taylor Taylorism AKA scientific management These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute i Henry Ford responds to Taylorism with Fordism 1 5 day wage for some workers a male workers b sociology department observed worked at work and at home to make sure they were living moral lives e Henry Ford Fordism i Mass Production and Mass Market ii Critique of Braverman workers fared well under Fordism a Jobs were not the best often alienating f Michael Burawoy i Chicago machine tool factory 1970s ii Factory incorporated workers 1 Didn t feel exploited and deskilled 2 Felt well paid with grievance procedures and possibility of promotion g Two dimensions of Fordism i Economic mass production and mass market ii Social democratic governance and social welfare iii Post Fordism 1 Global Competition Crisis of Fordism in 1970s h The Japanese Model i Bottom up decision making ii Less specialization workers trained in variety of different tasks would be happier iii Job security iv Merging of work and private lives III Reading Discussion Lindner a Besides being embedded how did journalists cover the war in Iraq b What does it mean to be an embedded journalists c Why would government leaders favor embedding journalists vis a vis alternatives d Why did coverage of War in Iraq vary by whether the journalist was embedded or not e What were the key findings of the author s research on media coverage of the war in Iraq f Criticisms How much does selection affect Lindner s study

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