TAMU SOCI 205 - Sociology of Work Cont. (3 pages)

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Sociology of Work Cont.

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Sociology of Work Cont.


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Soci 205 - Intro To Sociology
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SOCI 205 1st Edition Lecture 26 Outline of Last Lecture II Sociology of Work III Reading Discussion Lindner Outline of Current Lecture II Sociology of Work Cont Current Lecture II Sociology of Work Cont a The Japanese Model Cont i Plankey Videla 1 Studies Moctezuma Inc 2 Italian 1954 3 Mexican group bought the company in 1993 4 Moctezuma before Japanese style production Piece work a Assembly line i Repetitive low skill Braverman management monitor and controls quantity over quality b Garment industry i Workers paid by piece piece work ii Bonus self exploit surpass the given targets and earn a bonus iii Stopping production was frowned upon by management iv Buffer raw materials v Aka Taylorism c Why change to Japanese style approach i Opportunities of upgrading ii Trade agreements NAFTA iii Global economic changes buyers Wal Mart Calvin Klein demanded Japandese style production iv Improves lives of workers decrease turnover d The Japanese Model at Moctezuma i Teamwork vs working alone ii Bonuses given by team These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute 1 Peer pressure prevented shirking disloyalty to firm now means disloyalty to teammates iii What do managers do 1 Under teamwork managers perform less surveillance and control Teams are relatively autonomous from management iv Wage high at 40 week vs 25 week e Life time Employment at Moctezuma i Good Wages ii Extensive benefits long list 1 Objective create a family i e encourage workers to identify with firm and firm s objectives 2 Benefits help establish trust f Japanese Model at Moctezuma Outcome i Began in 1996 mostly completed in 1997 and then employees go on strike in 2001 why 1 Shop floor a Teamwork experiences as surveillance and control i Teammates monitor each other b Team members performed quality control 2 Strike a Workers used teamwork structure to organize i Autonomy to call meetings ii Team leaders coordinate other teams iii Teams guarded the factory iv Company IDs to sanction workers 3 Result of Strike a Negative company closed workers blacklisted b Positive workers empowered g Conclusion i Unintended Condequences of Teamwork 1 Teamwork experienced as surveillance and control management did not intend or anticipate this ii Management 1 Sought to increase worker loyalty 2 But violating trust fueled opposition efforts III Reading Discussion Thompson a Why did workers accept and stay at a dirty job such as the assembly line What is the financial trap of high pay low status jobs b The author observed uncooperative teamwork which is c How did workers cope with a dangerous and dirty job

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