IUB BIOL-L 211 - Protein Sorting and Localization (4 pages)

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Protein Sorting and Localization

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Protein Sorting and Localization


Antibiotics, Article, Protein Sorting and Localization

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Indiana University, Bloomington
Biol-L 211 - Molecular Biology
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BIOL L211 Lecture 33 Outline of Last Lecture I Translation Elongation II Translation Termination Outline of Current Lecture I Antibiotics II Article III Protein Folding IV Protein Targeting Eukaryotes Current Lecture Protein Sorting and Localization I Antibiotics A Antibiotics are found in the environment and fight bacterial infection 1 Also can target eukaryotic cells B Resistance has led to increased research and development of antibiotics C Around 40 work by a mechanism that targets ribosomes and affects translation D Puromycin Mechanism 1 Inserts into A site 2 Becomes a target for peptide bond formation 3 Polypeptide chain is transferred to Puromycin 4 No more amino acids can be added 5 Truncated protein dissociates now ineffective II Article These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute A Mapping the Human Proteome The Scientist B Human Protein Atlas 1 Interactive database of millions of maps of around 20 000 different proteins in the body 2 Data collected using fluorescently tagged antibodies that mark proteins a Visualized with microscopy b Analyzed with other techniques C Maps compared between healthy tissues and cancer tissues D Most proteins in the study are common to all cells E 2000 proteins are unique to certain tissues F Testes have largest number of unique proteins thus far 999 III Protein Folding A Recall formation of primary secondary tertiary and quaternary structure B Chaperone Proteins promote correct protein folding 1 GroEL chaperone found in some bacteria a Two subunits in barrel like structure 2 GroES additional chaperone found in some bacteria b Forms a lid for GroEL C GroEL GroES Mechanism 1 Partially folded protein enters GroEL barrel 2 ATP aids in binding the GroES cap to the GroEL barrel 3 Protein is properly folded 4 ATP hydrolysis releases the properly folded protein and GroES IV Protein Targeting Eukaryotes A 3 options for

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