IUB BIOL-L 211 - The Nucleosome (4 pages)

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The Nucleosome

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The Nucleosome


The Nucleosome

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Biol-L 211 - Molecular Biology
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BIOL L 211 Lecture 7 Outline of Last Lecture I Cell Division II Interphase III Mitosis IV Meiosis Outline of Current Lecture I Articles II Histones III Nucleosome Current Lecture The Nucleosome I Articles A Hello Mothers Hello Father The Economist Oct 2012 1 Subject Matter Mitochondrial transplantation 2 Mitochondria have unique set of chromosomes Mitochondrial DNA mtDNA 3 Procedure a Eggs donated from people some with healthy some with mutated mitochondria b The nuclei of the eggs healthy and unhealthy were removed c Nucleus from the healthy egg was discarded while the nucleus from the diseased egg was moved to the healthy nucleus free egg d New egg with mixed DNA fertilized These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute e Resulting embryo had genetic information from 3 people B Grandma s Curse The Economist Nov 2012 1 Epigenetics studies gene expression 2 Smoking effects seem to be passed on skipping a generation 3 Experiment a Rats exposed to nicotine b Progeny tracked for health effects c Results 2 generations away asthmatic traits present d Conclusion inherited H3 acetylation causes asthmatic lungs i In general RGZ protects lungs against nicotine ii RGZ blocks H3 acetylation II Histones Compact DNA so that it can fit in nucleus A 5 Main Histone Proteins 1 H2A H2B H3 and H4 can form an intermediate structure when not bound to DNA because of a unique histone fold domain a Domain Structure helix turn helix turn helix HTHTH structure 2 H1 Linker histone B Histone Charges 1 Histone charges determine if chromosomes are condensed or de condensed 2 VERY relevant to the cell cycle 3 Histone DNA interaction is determined by charge NOT SEQUENCE and is not permanent 4 DNA is negatively charged because of its phosphate backbone thus gene expression is controlled by the nature of histones which 5 Note that modifications to histone fold domain are reversible and do NOT

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