UT Arlington BIOL BIOL 3427 - Deuteromycetes "Fungi Imperfecti" (3 pages)

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Deuteromycetes "Fungi Imperfecti"

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Deuteromycetes "Fungi Imperfecti"


This lecture goes over the deutermycetes or fungi imperfecti

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University of Texas at Arlington
Biol Biol 3427 - Plant Science

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BIOL 3427 1st Edition Lecture 13 Outline of Current Lecture II Prokaryotes III Viruses IV Fungi V Symbiotic relationships Current Lecture I II III Deuteromycetes Fungi Imperfecti i Reclassified as a sexual forms anamorphs of Ascomycota ii Some only exist in asexual reproducing state iii Penicillin Penicillin cheese making iv Aspergillus Soy paste sak b Some cause human disease i Aflatoxins cause liver caneer Aspergillus spp 1 In stored peanuts maize wheat ii Ringworm athlete s foot other fungal skin diseases Phylum Bacidiomycota i mushrooms ii Toadstools iii Stinkhorns iv Puffballs v Shelf fungi vi Rusts vii Smuts b Many constitute 2 3 of biomass in soil c Produces basidio spores in a basidium d Mushroom is a basidioma e Includes gill fungi i Button and portabello mushrooms f Oyster mushrooms i Predators of nematodes ii Amanita g Rusts Smuts a Smooty appearance of masses of spores b Attack approximately 4000 species of plants These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute IV V VI VII Symbiotic relation of fungi a Parasitic b Mutualistic i Lichens ii Mycorrhizae iii Endophytes c Lichens i Mycobiant 1 98 are ascomycetes 2 are basidiomycetes ii Photobiant 1 Green algae or cyanobacteria d Forms i Crustose 1 Flattened crusty appearance ii Foliose 1 Leaflike appearance iii Fruticose 1 Erect branched and shrubby Can dry out very rapidly a Allows endurance of extreme heat or cold sunlight intensity b Mutualism c Ecological appearance i Lichen acids and geochemical weathering ii Detection of air pollution iii Food building material Mycorrhizae a Fungi and plant roots i Almost all vascular plants ii Not in Brassiceae or cyperaceae b Increase host plants ability to capture water and elements i Especially phosphorus c Can protect against root pathogens Types a endomycorrhizae i Hyphae penetrate root cells ii 80 of all vascular plants iii Glomeromycota fungi b

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