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Hierarchical Classification

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Hierarchical Classification


This lecture note outlines and specifies characteristics of the different kingdoms including Plantae, Animalia, etc

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University of Texas at Arlington
Biol Biol 3427 - Plant Science

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BIOL 3427 1st Edition Lecture 10 Current Lecture I Variation i In nature heritable variation among organisms II Natural selection a Some organisms leave more surviving progeny than others due to heritable variation b Mechanism for evolution III Adaptation a A structure physiology behavior that suits an organism to its environment IV Species concept a Biological species concept i Species Natural population members that can interbreed ii Difficult to apply to actual data in nature b Morphological species concept i Species defined by distinct morphologies c Phylogenetic species concept i Based on reconstructing the evolutionary history of populations and their characteristics ii Speciation in plants 1 Allopatric a Geographic segregation of plants d Sympatric Speciation i No geographic isolation ii Polyploidy more than two sets of chromosomes due to nondisjunction iii During meiosis mitosis or no cytokinesis 1 Autopolyploidy within an individual 2 Allopolyploidy a sterile hybrid becomes autopolyploidy e Speciation in plants i Role of asexual reproduction 1 Sterile hybrids can reproduce asexually vegetative propogation 2 Others can produce seeds asexually though apomixes f Chap 12 Systematics Study of biological diversity and evolutionary history i Taxonomy Identification naming and classification of species g Hierarchical classification These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute V VI VII VIII i International code of botanical nomenclature ii Binomial Nomenclature from Carl Lineaus 1 Genus species 2 Subspecies or variety h Herbaria where dried plant specimens are stored for reference i Type specimen Botanical Research Institute of Texas a Hierarchical classification i Kingdom phylum class order family genus species 1 Group within any level of categorization called a taxon 2 All plant orders end in ales 3 All plant families end in aceae ii Outward similarities 1

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