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Plant Nutrition

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Plant Nutrition


This lecture note described t\describes the nutrition of a plant required for optimal growth.

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University of Texas at Arlington
Biol Biol 3427 - Plant Science

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BIOL 3427 1st Edition Lecture 15 Outline of Current Lecture II Prokaryotes III Viruses IV Fungi V Symbiotic relationships Current Lecture I II III IV Plant Nutrition a Relatively simple compared to animals b Definition Essential elements a 17 essential elements b Element is essential if i Micronutrients trace elements 1 Concentrations 100 mg kg dry matter ii Macronutrients 1 Concentrations 1000 mg kg dry matter iii Requirements differ among plant groups and species Functions of Essential Elements a Many roles i Structural enzymatic regulatory ionic b Nutrient deficiency symptoms i Most associated with shoot ii Stunted growth iii Necrosis 1 Localized tissue death iv Chlorosis 1 Loss or reduced chlorophyll yellowing v Phloem mobile elements 1 Mg P K N move readily through phloem 2 Symptoms more pronounced in older leaves The soil a Soils provide plant with i Support ii Inorganic nutrients iii Water These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute b c d e f g h i j k l iv Suitable gaseous environment for roots roots need oxygen for respiration Rock weathering i Heating and cooling causes fragmentation 1 Produces inorganic soil components ii Weathered rock colonized by pioneer organisms iii Decay adds organic soil components iv Eventually plant roots hold soil in place Soil Horizons i A horizon topsoil 1 Upper region has the most organic material a Humus dark mixture of decomposed organic matter b Living material plant roots decomposers bacteria fungi ii B Horizon subsoil 1 Region of deposition Fe Oxide clay some organic matter leach downward via water iii C Horizon soil base 1 Weathered rocks from which the soil is formed Soil matter inorganic portion i Sand course to fine largest particle size ii Silt intermediate iii Clay smalled hold water Pore space i Air and water surrounding soil particles ii Approximately 50 of soil volume good drainage sand Water potential i

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