• 161 views    Pages: 15   
    Study Guide covering the three branches of government and how they operate within the states. Then moving on to how effective the state governments are at enacting policies that improve education and combat crime and poverty. Further information and study questions will be added after tuesday's lecture.
  • 109 views    Pages: 3   
    A look at policies on poverty, crime, education, and abortion.
  • 109 views    Pages: 2   
    The Court system and their role in state government.
  • 103 views    Pages: 4   
    Looking at the Judicial branch and their affects on the states. Then moving onto chapter 12 which looks at how effective state policies are.
  • 99 views    Pages: 4   
    How the executive branch affects our lives and represents us. The Texas Executive and policy making.
  • 82 views    Pages: 4   
    Finishing how a bill becomes a law and moving on to the Texas Legislative process.
  • 98 views    Pages: 4   
    Moving onto legislative policy and how this represents the people. How a bill is turned into law etc.
  • 172 views    Pages: 18   
    Covering chapters 6-8 with information on political parties, interest groups, individual participation in government and local government.
  • 111 views    Pages: 4   
    Finishing off the different forms of local government and looking at their revenue and expenditure.
  • 91 views    Pages: 3   
    The first local government and county revenues and local revenues.
  • 99 views    Pages: 5   
    Finishing political parties and moving on to look at interest groups and how they function to influence government.
  • 122 views    Pages: 4   
    Finishing factors affecting turnout and Texas voting laws. Then moving onto parties and interest groups and the history of the party system in the US.
  • 88 views    Pages: 5   
    Voting behavior in the US and Texas. Why people vote, why turnout is declining and who votes.
  • 96 views    Pages: 4   
    How the public participates in government and how this is measured. A lot at the problems with polling and the errors we can get.
  • 91 views    Pages: 5   
    Continuing Government Revenues and Expenditures. Concentrating on the different taxes and state and local revenues and expenditures.
  • 179 views    Pages: 19   
  • 109 views    Pages: 3   
    Looking at the different taxes we pay and the different types of taxes. Focussing on the types especially.
  • 92 views    Pages: 5   
    Finishing the origins of concern with government with a look at different forms of government and constitutions. They moving onto government expenditure and revenues.
  • 101 views    Pages: 4   
    Finishing off from Tuesday lecture and then moving onto the different periods of government. The rise of federal power and the problems people have with this.
  • 96 views    Pages: 5   
    A look at the role of government in the economy and in society. Ideological spectrums and how this affects partisanship. Then how this affects institutions. References to graphs and tables in the textbook.
  • 101 views    Pages: 4   
    A discussion of the differing political cultures among states and the role of government in these. Also a look at the different types of government's and where the US fits on the spectrum.
  • 184 views    Pages: 5   
    Coverage of lectures 1 - 5. An overview of the different services that each level of government pays for. How Texas differs from other states and the relationships between different variables and policy.
  • 91 views    Pages: 3   
    A further look at correlations and the state differences and relationships between variables. Graphs show the states actual position with the regression line showing the predicted position. Problems with empirical analyses and the possible relationships.
  • 98 views    Pages: 2   
    Finishing the state expenditures and rankings. Starting to look at the differences between states and the relationships between variables.
  • 100 views    Pages: 2   
    A look at state and federal expenditures. Powerpoint shows the tables and graphs. Where Texas spends it money.

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