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Attempting to recover from past failures post cold war disappointments disintegration in Yugoslavia 9 11 9 11 Commission 9 11 Commission report Final report of the national commission on terrorism attacks upon the US Available online commission created by congress and the president 27 November 2002 commission reviewed more than 2 5 million pgs of documents interviewed more than 1200 individuals in ten countries chairmen Thomas Kean republican former governor of NJ vice president Lee Hamilton is president and director of the Woodrow Wilson international center for scholars Democrat American flight 11 United Flight 93 o Passengers and crew fought back thought supposed to crash into Washington DC crashed in empty field in Pennsylvania Bush in Florida then in transit so president Chaney started making decisions Concludes four kinds of failures US govt allowed to happen o Of Imagination Stuff like this had happened before ish foreshadowing o Of Policy Weren t procedures in place o Of Capabilities Capabilities were still largely to fight soviet union in Cold war even though it was 2001 Wasn t clear line of command nearly an hour before all decisions makers were in a conference call Weren t prepared for asymmetrical attack on homeland o Of management Events that gave way to war in Afghanistan and Iraq Transatlantic tensions US responds to 9 11 by invading both Afghanistan and Iraq Focus here Not the conflicts themselves but impact on transatlantic relations Advantages to neoconservative or neocon approach of war on terror Provided quick support form national press Disadvantages Negative impact on rest of world reliant upon questionable intelligence over reliant on militarized policies executed poorly denied complexity of democratization process democratize countries in Arab world could not happen quickly despite US beliefs it could did not maintain public support Abu Ghraib abuses Anti american protests in Europe HUGE support right after 9 11 everyone is an American now quickly dissipated Do you believe that Bush and tony blair lied about knowledge that WMD in iraq had mostly been eradicated and they were just hungry to go to war o 82 of French response said yes Pinter nobel peace winner in 2005 British acceptance speech bashed US HUGE transatlantic tensions arose worst in 2006 16 11 2011 03 38 00 16 11 2011 03 38 00

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USC IR 369 - Lecture 12 - Recovery From Past

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