ISU SOA 106 - Socializationg Influences (2 pages)

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Socializationg Influences

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Socializationg Influences


Our final lecture before the test sums up everything we have been talking about recently including : gender, race, class and culture.

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Soa 106 - Introduction to Sociology
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SOA 106 1st Edition Lecture 11 Outline of Last Lecture I Identity Formation II Norm Violating and Identity III Socialization Learning Our Place IV Learning Gender Outline of Current Lecture II Gender Socialization III Learning Race IV Learning Class V Harvard or ISU VI Conclusion Current Lecture Gender Socialization What does it mean to be a man o Gender norms are promiscuous no feeling eating lots of meat liking sports all male sterotypes What does it mean to be a woman o Gender norms lots of feelings meek liking the color pink all female sterotypes Learning Race Race is a social construct we learn it But race is socially significant It shapes our identity and social location WE associate meaning to skin color Racial Transparency the way we normalize whiteness and take for granted the hidden privileges of being white in a racialized society Learning Class Social class affects values respecting conformity not questioning authority o Working class parents socialize their kids to listen to their boss teacher elder work boss These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Our class background shapes our tastes opportunities aspirations expectations Harvard or ISU People accept the social constructs around them and that is why many people do not apply to Harvard if your parents make under 110k a year Harvard waives tuition fees We know Harvard is better for us but we do not try either because of money scores being too low it is too far from home etc Your socialization in your class and location have conditioned you to not apply to Harvard it s not on your menu Social locations shape our goals and aspirations in a profound way Social control social process by which the behavior of individuals or groups are regulated Forces of Social Control External Forces forces of threat of force coercion economic pressure family and friends Internal Forces desire to conform fear of

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