UW-Madison KINES 100 - Quality of life vs Quantity (2 pages)

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Quality of life vs Quantity

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Quality of life vs Quantity


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University of Wisconsin, Madison
Kines 100 - Exercise, Nutrition, and Health

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Kines 100 Exercise Nutrition and Health Last Lecture Outline 1 Role of Research Objectives Research Models Importance of research 2 The nature of evidence Research methods Lecture 3 Current Outline 1 Quality of life vs Quantity 2 Health Care Costs 3 What s the difference between Physical activity and Exercise Quality of Life vs Quantity Average quantity of life 77 4 years Average quantity of a healthy unassisted life 65 8 years Women generally outlive men Leading causes of death Heart disease cancer stroke chronic lower respiratory disease accidents diabetes pneumonia influenza Alzheimer kidney disease and suicide Self determined cause of death is based on how we life genetics and lifestyle in industrialized nations Smoking poor diet lack of exercise Contributors lifestyle health care system biology and environment Why Increase Health care costs What has increased the cost pharmaceuticals technology malpractice insurance figuring out what is wrong several costly tests wiped out certain diseases type of current chronic diseases How do we lower Get everyone to exercise can cut down chronic disease and health care by 2 3 What is the difference between physical activity and exercise Physical activity any body movement carried out by the skeletal muscles requiring energy everyday tasks Exercise subset of physical activity planned structured time type distance frequency activity that has a designated purpose maintain fitness increase fitness level weight management Fitness ability or capacity higher fitness higher ability and capacity to perform using fitness parameter life demands don t require them to approach maximum levels Health the absence of disease other determinants to ill and not ill Constantly changing Risk factors history weight diet exercise injury past medical history fitness level mental state Fitness isn t health but increasing your fitness will optimize health

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