UW-Madison KINES 100 - Online lecture: heart disease (2 pages)

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Online lecture: heart disease

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Online lecture: heart disease


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University of Wisconsin, Madison
Kines 100 - Exercise, Nutrition, and Health
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Kinesiology100 Exercise Health and Nutrition Last Lecture Outline 1 Psychological Factors of Weight management 2 Psychological factors of taking care of your heart Lecture 23 Current Lecture 1 Heart Disease Heart Disease Prevalence of Cardiovascular Disease leading cause of death in the US 1 in 4 deaths 80million have 1 or more types of CV disease 38 million are 60years or older Good news CV mortality trends show a general decline in deaths due to heart disease medications surgery rehabilitation Is it an old age disease 151 000 CVD deaths under age 65 32 of deaths are age 75 and under premature death Treatment options prevention medications surgery rehabilitation Types Congestive Heart Failure CHF elderly lost ventricle space pump doesn t function anymore space lost in the ventricle space is taken up by fatty tissue caused by disease that weakens or stiffens heart muscle or increases the oxygen demands by the body tissue beyond the capability of the heart to deliver Congenital Heart Failure early in life first year or two of life can occur as early as fetal development Some conditions are self correcting others require minor or major surgery to reconstruct fix heart Coronary Artery Disease leading disease 2 3 of all heart disease narrowing of small blood vessels that supply blood and oxygen to the heart associated with lifestyle Patho physiology and definition of terms Atherosclerosis degeneration of artery walls involving build up and deposit of fat and fibrous plaques in intima inner linings of coronary artery thought of as old age disease autopsies of Korean War casualty victims as young as 18 25 showed early onset of atherosclerosis emphasizes process of degenerative changes Throughout the body Heart coronary arteries neck carotid arteries often major contributor to strokes Legs intermittent clauclication chronic leg pain Kidneys renal arteries major contributor to kidney failure Clinically silent Angina pain with blockage Heart Disease Ischemia restricted lack of blood supply Coronary artery disease caused by atherosclerosis Symptoms asymptomatic usually angina or angina pectoris chest pain Pain down the arm nausea Is chest pain due to heart disease Various reasons for chest pain GERD acid reflux How to find if pain is related to heart disease Detecting heart disease by a stress test monitor EKG and checking for angina S T segment depression and angina Heart attack Myocardial infarction episodic event caused by thrombus blood clot Causes obstruction of coronary blood flow Part of myocardium which receives blood from this vessel dies due to lack of oxygen Major vs Minor determined by location of obstruction small branch of artery Usually insignificant upper branch of artery Significant damage

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