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Weight loss and prescription

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Weight loss and prescription


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University of Wisconsin, Madison
Kines 100 - Exercise, Nutrition, and Health
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Kines100 Exercise Health and Nutrition Last Lecture Outline Lecture 21 1 Weight management Current Lecture 1 Dieting and weight loss 2 Prescription for weight loss Dieting and Weight loss dieting doesn t teach us maintainable goals or sustainability Exercise isn t enough for a quick fix 5 7 weight loss benefit 5 10 lbs need minimum weight loss to benefit 1st 8 12lb most dramatic result total cholesterol goes down by 15 TG goes down by 20 HDL increase by 15 Sys BP Dia BP decreases by 12 9 mmHg Improved hyperglycemia Improved life expectancy Research supports using a combination of exercise and dieting for supporting weight lsos Studies comparing diet and exercise effect on resting metabolic rate recall this is the largest component of energy expenditure Donahue et Al Diet decreases RMR by 4 4 and exercise increase it by 5 Effect on type of weight loss lean weight verses fat weight Pavlou et Al Diet group lost 20 24 lbs Exercise group lost 25 96lbs Lean weight lost diet group 7 26 lbs 36 total weight loss exercise group 1 32 5 of total weight loss Is exercise self defeating exercise increase my appetite causing me to eat more Blair study sedentary to active became runners lifestyle 2 year study dietary intake increased by 300 kcals per day Found a significant decrease in body fat Exercise triggers appropriate intake Regular exercise we will only be driven to eat when hungry Genetics and obesity many genes associated with obesity Study of identical twins to address genetics question Bouchard research 16 sets of identical twins diet and exercise intended for significant and similar weight loss Results everyone lost weight Within sets of twins weight loss was similar Between sets of twins weight loss dissimilar Honing in on one set of identical twins one active one sedentary over lifespan Significant difference in body size even though identical twins Prescription for weight loss Weight loss aerobic weight bearing frequency should be daily intensity between 40 70 of max and the time 60 mins can be done in small blocks of time Weight control mix of aerobic and weight training exercise 3 days of aerobic and 2 days of weights 60 75 of max 30 45 minutes Total calories burned is what matters Combination of intensity and time is key to energy expenditure Benefit of exercise positive effect on resting metabolism Increase kcal expenditure during the activity Maintained elevation of metabolism post exercise EPOC exercise burns calories and keeps metabolism geared to using food for energy verse storing it as fat Exercise doesn t guarantee weight loss Marathon class at UNI athletes and height weight BMI charts Spot reduction through exercise Body composition methods Underwater weighting gold standard DEXA popular and accurate Skin fold calipers 3 5 Bioelectrical impendence 3 5 Near infrared spectophotometry several other methods

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