UW-Madison KINES 100 - Diet and Heart Disease (2 pages)

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Diet and Heart Disease

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Diet and Heart Disease


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University of Wisconsin, Madison
Kines 100 - Exercise, Nutrition, and Health
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Kinesiology100 Exercise Health and Nutrition Last Lecture Outline 1 Risk factors of Heart disease Lecture 25 Current Lecture 1 Nutrition and heart disease Nutrition and Heart disease Lipid Transport absorption small intestine Mucosa Chylomicrons dietary TG chole To liver deliver TG to cells In liver Very Low Density Lipoproteins VLDL delivers andogenous TG to cells synthesized Low Density Lipoprotein LDL delivers cholesterol to cells and arteries Atherogneic bad cholesterol High Density Lipoprotein HDL Scavenges picks up cholesterol from arteries and cells that don t need it good returns to liver for excretion Lipid level and risk at high risk if LDL is higher than 130 mg dL and HDL is less than 35 mg dL total chol Greater than 160 HDL and LDL combined Diet and blood lipids dietary cholesterol indirect effect we can synthesize raw material enzyme cholesterol we can turn off the pathway if we have enough Saturated fat animal fat tropical palm coconut High LDL and total cholesterol Some people have a bigger response than others to saturated fat Polyunsaturates omega 6 most vegetable oils lower LDL and HDL Omega 3 fish oils decrease blood clotting Monounsaturates olive and canola oils lower LDL No effect on HDL Soluble Fiber Lowers LDL Alcohol Moderate intakes increase HDL 3 9 drinks a week How to increase HDL weight loss and exercise Recommendations less than 10 of kcals come from sat fats less than 300mg a day of cholesterol only found in animal food Types of diet US Mediterranean Asian Heart disease High Low Low Fat 34 00 35 00 15 20 Type of fat Saturated fat Monounsats olive Varies low sat fat In choosing between replacing saturated fat look at weigh control mono has more kcals Add more fruits veggies whole grains legumes lean proteins lean meats poultry fish and low fat milk High blood pressure Hypertension Increases atherosclerosis High sodium high blood pressure individuals vary in sodium sensitvity moderate salt intake Dietary approaches to stop hypertension DASH Control Group 4 servings of fruit and veggies a serving of dairy K Mg Ca 25 Fruit and veggie group 8 5 servings of fruit and veggies K Mg 85 Lowered Blood pressure by 7 3 Combination 10 servings of fruit and veggies 2 7 servings of dairy K Mg Ca 75 Lowered blood pressure by 11 6

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