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FSU HUM 3321 - Multicultural Film Final Exam Study Guide

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Multicultural Film Final Exam Study GuideConceptsISA- Ideological State Apparatus- education, media, politicians, peer, religion, family, congress/lawsRSA- Repressive State Apparatus- police, military, prisons, courts, FBI/CIA/DEA, bounty hunterIdeology- a system of ideas/ideals that form the basis of economic and political theoryHegemony- ruling powerMeritocracy Myth- system based on merit, you receive what you put in (good attitude, morals, hard worker, talent), ironically the wealthiest people earn by owning (stock) not by workingImagined Community- group of people who feel a kinship/brotherhood with other people within the group despite being unable to know them all ex) nationalism, fellow fsu studentsStereotypes- a widely held and oversimplified idea of a group of peopleArab Stereotypes- aggressive/violent, terrorists, overly religious, mistreat womenAfrican American Stereotypes- ignorant, misbehaved, ghettoHays Production Code- (1929-64, Film Noir), first form of censorship in film to prevent government censorship, ban on sexual films, excluded passionate kissing, sex, adultery, homosexuality, interracial dating, white slavery, nudity, etc.Gender Theory- gender roles are inscribed in you from birth, b/c of this you learn them not as choices but as right and wrong Gender Roles- the social and behavioral norms that are considered appropriate for a man or woman Microaggressions- subconscious racist/stereotypical remark or action- Microinsult- unconscious racist remark or action- Microassault- overt racist remark or action- Microinvalidation- negate or exclude someone’s cultural realityRacial Formation- sociohistorical process by which racial categories are created, inhabited, transformed, & destroyed 3 types of racism:- Aversive- have egalitarian views (want to “help” those of other races- Symbolic- you deny racism, but use terms such as hard-working, self-reliant, individualization- Old-fashioned- blatant bigotryWhite Privilege- the set of societal privileges that white people benefit from as opposed to people of colorOrientalism- a Western style for dominating, restructuring, and having authority over the Orient (by the Occident); a hegemonic system that consolidates and controls its objects; ideas created by the West in which Asians are viewed with prejudice and racismThe Other- people who are out of the norm and ostracized, according to who has power, ex) Orientals (The Letter) or DjangoFeminism- collection of movements/ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, cultural, and social rights for women Gender- social construct, the cultural traits that define whether a person in a boy or girl (as opposed to biological traits)Sexuality- social construct, gender to which a person is attracted; orientationClass- social construct, division of society according to status, rank, and grade of society Race- social construct, distinct physical features or ethnic backgroundsMulticulturalism- social construct (ideas created by society), groups of different cultures in 1 location, living with other cultures alters your own Language- a way of communicating ex) spoken words, letters, symbols (tree)Representation- using language to say something meaningful about, or to represent, the world meaningfully to other people; it’s never the actuality but something else because someone chooses what to add/leave out (someone else’s portrayal of reality)Racelessness- when you feel or act like you have no race because you are treated equallyLowbrow Comedy- teen sex comedies with ideas against social norms. ex) masturbation, nudityMale Gaze- women are objectified in film because heterosexual men were in control of the cameraFilm Noir- films post WW2, address issues at that time, means “black film” because it was dark and serious, men used this genre to put women back in their place after the had taken over leading roles while mean were at warNationalism- an imagined community Femme Fatale- sexual and independent woman, eventually becomes killed or imprisoned, downgrades powerful womenBechdel Test- film must have two women in it who talk to each other about something other than a manChick Flicks/Chick Culture- melodrama, women’s pictureHegemonic Feminist- the maintenance of practices that institutionalize women’s dominance over men Waves of Feminism: - 1st: right to vote 1919- 2nd: job/political/social equality (cultural and legal equality: 60’s and 70’s)- 3rd: non-white equality, other parts of the world (80’s and 90’s)- Post-feminism: (90’s- today) return to feminism, agenda replaced by attitude, individual choice LGBTQ- Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer; purpose is for political activismHomoeroticism- sexual attraction between members of same sex without desire to consummate ex) man-crushHomosociality- nonsexual attraction between members of same sexHomosexuality- sexual attraction between members of same sexHeteronormative- expectation in which heterosexuality is deemed the normTransgender- when you self identify as the opposite gender then you were bornBlaxploitation- (1970’s), films made for a black audience by white people, over the top (ex: Foxy Brown)Bird’s Components of Masculinity:- Emotional Detachment- Competitiveness- Sexual Objectification of WomenGenres(know characteristics as defined by Belton)Western- slavery, tenderfoot (mentor teaching man/woman to be cowboy), wilderness (revenge) v. civilization (law/order but less honor), east (civilized) v. west (rugged), hero as an outsider who comes in to save but then leaves, Indians (assimilate or are enemy) v. cowboys, woman learns to be both motherly and domestic/independentFilm Noir- disillusionment with society, disturbing and unsettling themes (murder), femme fatale, urban v, rural, industrial v. nature, low-key lighting, extreme angles, voice-over, tough-guy loner protagonist (detectives), cheaply made (not main features, B-films), mystery background music, non-linear narrative (flashbacks)Science Fiction- what it means to be human, human v. animal/human v. machine/human v. nonhuman, the return of the repressed- whatevertaboo your society is repressing, that is what comes up and kills you (ex: sex), self and other/threat of the otherComedy- jokes function as a form of liberation from worries, releases what society tries to hold in check (ex- discrimination)African American Film- counterculture strikes backFilms(Know main characters, key points, how they fit

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