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Vertebrate Physiology Test 3 Question BankChapter 13** The exchange of gases and nutrients between the blood and the tissues occur in blood vessels called _____________. --> capillaries**A normal hematocrit value of 45 means that ________________. --> 45% if the formed elements are erythrocytes**A person whose blood genotype is IAi has red blood cells with _________ antigens bound to the outer membrane surface and anti-_____ antibodies floating in the plasma. --> A; B**Action potentials in myocardial cells have a characteristic plateau phase, which is caused primarily by the _________________. --> slow inward diffusion of Ca2+**Aplastic anemia results in an abnormally low red blood cell count due to ____________. --> destruction of the bone marrow, perhaps by chemicals in the environment or chemotherapy**At rest the heart of an average human will pump ________ liters of blood per minute. --> 5**At rest, each complete cardiac cycle lasts about 0.8 secs. of which diastole lasts _____ seconds and systole lasts ________ seconds. --> 0.5; 0.3**Blood clotting would not occur of the plasma was deficient in _____________. --> fibrinogen**During one cardiac cycle, the major difference between the left and the right halves of the heart is that the ________________. --> the left side of the heart to the right**Erythrocytes __________________. --> lack both a nucleus and mitochondria organelles**In a normal ECG tracing _______________. --> the repolarization of the atria is hidden by the QRS wave**In the ABO system of red blood cell typing, which of the following genotypes would produce type O blood? --> ii**Lymph contains all of the following substances except ____________. --> red blood cells and platelets**Normal venous return relies upon all of the following except _____________. --> standing upright, perfectly still**Pacemakers may be useful in treating _____________. --> a third degree AV node block**Platelets ___________________. --> release a chemical called seratonin that constricts blood vessels**The "buffy coat" that forms when whole blood is centrifuged in a test tube, is composed of ________________. --> white blood cells and platelets**The atrioventricular (AV) valve ________________. --> is called the mitral valve, separates the left atrium and left ventricle, and is also called the bicuspid**The endothelial cells of the blood vessel produce two important chemicals involved in hemostasis; prostacyclin and ______________. --> von Willebrand factor**The lymph eventually enters the circulation by draining into two specific ___________. --> veins**The most important ion involved in the blood clotting sequences is ___________. --> Ca2+**The presence of __________ in the circulatory system would be considered abnormal. --> Kreb's cycle enzymes**The SA node is the normal pacemaker of the heart because the SA node _____________ --> depolarizes to its threshold potential before other pacemakers in the heart**The second heart sound results from vibrations generated by the ______________. --> closing of the semilunar valves at the start of diastole**The semilunar valves _____________. --> regulate the passage of blood from the ventricles into the pulmonary artery and the aorta**The terms "systole" and "diastole" refer, respectively, to the ______________ --> contraction phase and relaxation phase of the ventricles**Which of the following does not belong to the class of granular leukocytes? --> lymphocyte**Which of the following events is the first to occur during the process of hemostasis after a blood vessel becomes injured? --> The endothelial lining is damaged, exposing collagen proteins to the blood.**Which of the following is not a broad area of function within the circulatory system? --> neurochemical release**Which of the following leukocytes usually accounts for less than 1% of white blood cells present? --> basophils**Which of the following statements about arteries and veins is false? --> Veins can collapse, serving as the blood vessel with the greatest resistance to blood flow in the circulatory system.**Which statement about erythroblastosis fetalis (hemolytic disease of the newborn) is false? --> The baby is born with an abnormally high number of red blood cells (anemia)**Within the pulmonary circulation, the __________________. --> pulmonary arteries carry oxygen-poor blood0.12 to 0.20 second is the duration of the _________ in a normal heart. --> P-R interval______ AV node block occurs when the rate of impulse conduction through the AV node exceeds 0.20 seconds --> First-Degree________ AV node block occurs when no atrial waves can pass through the AV node. --> Third-Degree________ development would be inhibited if the actions of granulocyte colony stimulating factor wereblocked. --> Neutrophils____________ binds and inactivates the sodium-potassium ATPase pumps of myocardial cell leading toincreased intracellular calcium concentrations and stronger myocardial contractions. --> nicoteneA continual recycling of electrical waves through the myocardium is called --> circus rhythmA normal hematocrit for women would be --> 40%A normal red blood cell count is in the range of __________ /mm3. --> 4.23-5.98 millionA(n) ________________ is a device that is implanted into a pectoral subcutaneous pocket that deliversshocks to the heart when ventricular fibrillation is detected. --> implantable converter-defibrillatorAll blood vessels are lined with --> endothelial cells.Aspirin inhibits blood clotting by directly preventing --> platelet plug formation.Based on differences in their endothelial lining, capillaries can be classified as all of the followingEXCEPT --> true ( this is the answer given by the test bank)Bipolar limb lead three uses the --> left arm and left leg.Blood globulins include which of the following types? --> A. alpha globulinsB. beta globulinsC. gamma globulinsD. All of the choices are correct.Both the intrinsic and extrinsic clotting pathways activate factors that --> convert prothrombin to thrombin.Cardiac ________ channels are called hyperpolarization cyclic nucleotide (HCN) channels because theyopen in response to hyperpolarization. --> pacemakerDamage to the AV node could cause --> multiple P waves on an ECG.Damage to

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