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ASU ENG 101 - Interactive World Map Activity

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Interactive World Map ActivityDirections:Go to and select three different examples of natural disasters that have occurred within the last month globally. You will complete the charts below for each. To access more information, click on the icon then click the “full report here” link.Event #1Disaster Type VolcanoCountry Affected ItalyDuration of Event 13:55 UTCImpactVolcanic eruption Etna is expected to have a low humanitarian impact based on the magnitude and the affected population and their vulnerability.Event #2Disaster Type Forest fire Country Affected Nigeria Duration of Event 19 daysImpactThis forest fire is expected to have a low humanitarian impact based on the magnitude and the affected population and their vulnerability.Event #3Disaster Type Tropical cyclone Country Affected Madagascar Duration of Event 8 daysImpactTropical Cyclone EMNATI-22 can have a high humanitarian impactbased on the maximum sustained wind speed, exposed population, and vulnerability.Analysis Questions: Answer each of the following in complete sentences. Each response should be 2-3 sentences minimum.1. Of the three events you chose, which one do you think had the greatest impact on the individual, community, and environmental levels and why?The forest fire in Nigeria continued for nineteen days that I choose which I think has thegreatest impact among these three events, the forest fire will happen usually caused by lightning. Heatwaves, droughts, and cyclical climate shifts all significantly increase wildfire crises. Drought and small forest fires are the main factors contributing to very large forest fires.2. Which of the events, if any, can be caused by climate change? What evidence supports this?Forest fire, it becomes the main cause of gas emissions, not only exacerbating climate change, the high temperature of the fires dries out the air in the originally humid rainforest, and also changes the local rainfall pattern. Livelihood issues such as rising prices and rising energy costs.3. What would be the potential impact on an individual, community, and environmental level if one of these events happened where you live?Firefighting will cause casualties to forest guards and firefighters and lost the talent to guard Taiwan's mountain forests. If a fire broke out in other mountain forests at the same time, they would not be able to respond quickly and put out the fire. As far as theforest itself is concerned, a large amount of smoke and dust after burning will cause airpollution, which directly affects the health of organisms; trees are burned to the point of withering and collapsing, animals are burned to death or forced to migrate, which reduces the already formed ecological diversity and also allows aliens. Species havethe opportunity to invade. Furthermore, the surface soil has no plant protection, and it is easy to cause landslides or landslides in the rainy season. It will also further affect the function of regulating the climate due to the death of a large number of trees. The tree species itself will be replaced, and because the tree species is too single, forest fires are more likely to

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