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VISA The Lorax and Sustainable Development Introduction The Lorax is a fictional story about a man whose activities abused the environment and about what he learned from the experience The story contains many common components found in the environmental problems and issues facing humans around the world 1 In the story of The Lorax who does the Once ler represent The entrepreneur 2 Who does The Lorax represent Who protect the environment 3 The Once ler moved across the land in his wagon He came upon a new region with an important natural resource What was this natural resource that the Once ler found Truffula trees 4 Humans often appreciate the beauty of the natural world Experiences such as finding seashells on a beach or seeing a rare bird often cause strong feelings Did the Once ler have feelings about the region and natural resources that he found Explain No Because for the Oncer ler all of these nature things in eyes are just how to use it to make more money 5 The Once ler used the land s natural resources to start a business which made and sold a product What was the product How was it used by buyers Thneed it was used for clothing for most of the purpose 6 Pollution not only affects plant and animal species but it also affects another living species human beings Explain whether the Once ler s factory and town was a safe and healthy place to be Why or why not It is neither safe or healthy because the factory causes pollutions later on it started to affect the people s daily life their water and food got polluted the trees are cut down it is a chao 7 The Once ler s business failed Why What happened to cause the failure of this business What happens to the area where the business once was located Have you seen this in real life The natural sources requires to make the product are exhausted Yes I have seen these type of news in real life there was a lot of examples people are too greedy about their own benefits they are not considering about the future and the environment which for example makes a lot of species extinctied 8 The Once ler learned that he had made a serious mistake What in your opinion was his mistake What could he have done differently How could the Once ler have managed his company to protect natural resources and not run out of trees He cut too many trees so there are no trees for him so he thought he can cut and also plant a tree at the same time so he will not run out of the trees 9 Explain in your own words what the Once ler says must happen for the Lorax and his animals to return He said he will plant trees 10 Can you think of a real life example of how man made pollution affected a real ecosystem its abiotics eg temperature water quality air quality etc or its habitat Explain There will be factory emissions drain water which will directly affect the fish in the river later on the bird who eat fish for life will get affected it will keep continue and getting spread out as the food chain 11 The use of technology requires the use of natural resources The use of natural resources always has an effect on the environment How did the production of Thneeds affect the Truffula trees a key biotic natural resource If they want thneeds then it will need truffula trees to turn into thneeds 12 Threatened and endangered species are those plant and animal populations threatened by or becoming extinct Often this is a result of human activity Can you name the threatened or endangered species in the story and describe why they faced this condition The truffula trees and the animals because people need truffula trees this will cause the amount to decrease very fast at the same time a lot of animals also needs to rely on truffula trees 13 Certain animals depended on Truffula trees Name the animals Explain why these animals needed Truffula trees The barboloots they need its fruit to eat 14 Often technological production creates byproducts For example a byproduct of sawing wood is sawdust Sometimes the byproducts of technology are unwanted or dangerous and are pollutants in the environment Sometimes byproducts are useful Name two byproducts that resulted from making Thneeds 1 Smoke 2 drain water 15 What does the Once ler mean by UNLESS Explain Unless there is someone going to help with making the environment become better Assignment Create a venn diagram to compare and contrast the stories of Easter Island with The Lorax After creating the venn diagram write a paragraph essay comparing the two stories What are the key environmental issues How are they similar how do they differ How do these issues relate to the world today Make sure to use key examples from both the video and the reading Easter s End by Jared Diamond Make sure to develop a clear thesis statement supporting paragraphs and a clear conclusion The final product should include This worksheet Venn diagram Essay In both of the stories it both ends with a exhaust of land and resources the reason of causing this result is because the overuse of resources everything on this world has its limit of affordability In the Lorax because Once ler s overuse of truffula trees which is for his own benefit the animals who rely on truffula trees are no longer to be able to live in the area forced to move to other places to seek for it the water got polluted at the same time which effected the fish as well In Easter s end which is a real story happened in Easter island because of the Polynesian they want to make the gigantic rock statue it waste a lot of hauhau tree as a material for the rope to move the statue at the same time they eat the fish and birds on the island which cause the extinction

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ASU ENG 101 - VISA: The Lorax and Sustainable Development

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