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The vision of the future of mankind Jiakai Bao Jiakai Bao Arizona State University Course Name ENG107 Professor Eick April 24 2022 Abstract I once read a novel called three bodies This novel is a science fiction theme This book tells about the earth under the common existence of human beings and aliens In other words it can also be understood that the human beings in the book are more advanced than in real life In the three bodies the future resources are exhausted due to the peak of a technical bottleneck Aliens secretly manipulate the people on earth and finally human beings kill each other and perish Of course the world I imagine is not so extreme Although our generation can t witness all this I believe that human scientific and technological means will reach the stage I think In my opinion the future world should be an era of mechanization The current cars and tools of mankind will be replaced by spaceships and machines The life span of mankind will become longer due to the development of medical treatment and the world s resources tend to be unlimited due to the more advanced technology Therefore mankind will no longer wage war because of resource allocation and mankind will focus more on exploring the mysteries of the universe Next I want to start with several future ideas and describe in detail what the future world looks like in my eyes Jiakai Bao Text As for the most mentioned robots in science fiction and movies in the future first of all from the perspective of robots the development trend of robots is particularly important if we want to solve the problem of resource scarcity caused by excessive population growth in the future Tony Bogard a mechanical expert mentioned in his book current situation and future of robot control industrial perspective that there will be many other important fields in the application of industrial robots in the future Examples are flexible automation for disassembly and sorting in waste disposal meat cutting other types of food processing and consumer goods processing assembly and processing of large aircraft components bridges buildings ships trains trains power stations windmills etc and for a wide range of craftsman tasks If we can find economically feasible flexible robot automation solutions for these types of applications the huge new market for industrial robots will promote the development of robot technology in a new direction For the distant future many films now have answered that is people in cyber style coexist with machines and machines in the future will replace all human work and entertainment However if machines can replace some dangerous jobs or become more intelligent it is in line with what I want to explain The future of our planet maybe like this The machine replaces the dangerous work and it will exist in the form of the human body Just like Will Smith s film robot the robot has its feelings and it has learned about human life and become Jiakai Bao more anthropomorphic Or it may be like a finch s journey At the end of the day human life is born and died because of the robot If our goal now is to develop more efficient and intelligent robots then the future of mankind will no longer be in danger and the competition and jobs of mankind will not be so fierce There is no doubt that we need more advanced medical technology to save human lives and prolong the average life span of mankind Today s medical treatment is not only developing towards more advanced ideas but also trying to make everyone have treatment Humans are afraid of fear In the past people s average life expectancy was less than 50 years old Many people often didn t give full play to their value because their life was too short With the improvement of scientific and technological levels people s life expectancy is also improving and the medical level is constantly promoting the development of society Lucy Katherine M D mentioned in her we have no choice but to transform covid 19 post pandemic education of future medical care innovative thinking and crisis management enable educational leaders to maintain the continuity of medical education As the end of the pandemic the crisis seems within reach educators across the country are considering whether the pandemic has led to a strategic turning point in medical education in the United States the basis of our work can and must be changed for the better address health and healthcare issues and the needs of our patients Crises in all industries whether due to changes in economic technological political or social norms often lead to strategic Jiakai Bao inflection points These crises highlight the fragility and missing elements of current work and they strengthen the value of some existing strategies They make it impossible to rely on the status quo and require experimentation and innovation to survive We live in a complex world but if we want to better develop medical problems and invest in medical funds we must unite The results of our health care system depend on how much money and attention we have to make breakthroughs Another point about the vision of medical development is that there are drugs to cure such cancer which is a difficult medical problem in modern times We have studied it for more than 100 years and evolved from no drugs to radiotherapy and chemotherapy This method can prolong the life of cancer patients but it may not cure cancer Through this point In his internal radiotherapy cancer treatment basic concepts and future trends Zoller mentioned that the rational design of a new target binding side and its transplantation into a drug stent is a very promising strategy which may further promote the application of internal radiotherapy This review focuses on the basic concepts of radiotherapy and discusses the potential of targeted therapy and the characteristics of high energy particles emitted by radionuclides for tumor therapy This is different from the traditional radiation method Traditional radiation has a high probability of recurrence and cancer cell proliferation resulting in all previous treatments in vain Patients often suffer the sequelae brought by radiation such as loss of appetite becoming thin losing hair and so on However if this treatment can be clinically successful it is an important step to overcoming cancer in the future Jiakai Bao The third assumption about the future is that mankind has completely solved the origin of all things that is there is no bottleneck in mathematics

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ASU ENG 101 - The vision of the future of mankind

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