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4/23/22, 9:50 PMSyllabus - Assignments: Spring 2022-RST 242-Nature and American Culture-Section ONBhttps://canvas.illinois.edu/courses/20560/pages/syllabus-assignments1/3Syllabus - AssignmentsWeek 1 QuizzesThere are two quizzes that take place during week 1 of the course. Students have up to threeopportunities on each quiz to earn maximum points. Both quizzes must be completed prior to gainingaccess to the Lesson 1 learning materials.1. The "Course Information Quiz" is designed to serve as a contract for the course that highlightsthe aspects of the course that are most pertinent to student success. 2. The "APA Format Quiz" is designed to help students properly use APA format in academicwriting. It is understood that many students may have backgrounds with other citation styles (e.g.,MLA, AMA, Chicago), and those will be accepted on writing assignments. However, regardless ifstudents choose to use APA format in writing assignments for the course, this quiz is mandatory.Course Content QuizzesEach lesson will contain on 5 question quiz over the provided course materials. Each quiz questionwill be worth 2 points, making each quiz worth 10 points. A student is allowed 15 minutes to completethe quiz and will have 2 chances to achieve a maximum score. The quizzes are due each Sunday at11:59 PM Central Time in weeks 2-7.Reflection Narrative PapersDuring each of the 8 weeks of the course, each student will reflect on the material covered in thelesson and on the possible linkages between the material covered and their own experiences. Eachpersonal reflection narrative should include insights gained from the assigned readings and examinehow the material has impacted or is linked to his or her own personal values and views towardnature. Reflection narratives are due each Sunday at 11:59 PM Central Time in weeks 1-7.Packback Discussion and ReplyFor Week 2 through 7, you will participate in a discussion based on the learning materials for thatweek. This discussion will address a prompt provided by me consist of an initial post presented byyou and a reply to a group member. An example prompt is: "We must accept that humans have, andwill continue to, negatively impact the natural environment as our society progresses." To earn thefull credit, you need to submit 1 standalone initial post and 1 response to one of your peers. Packback Group Discussion Initial Post: In the subject line of your initial post, you will comeup with an open-ended question that indicates your reaction/stance regarding the provided4/23/22, 9:50 PMSyllabus - Assignments: Spring 2022-RST 242-Nature and American Culture-Section ONBhttps://canvas.illinois.edu/courses/20560/pages/syllabus-assignments2/3statement or prompt. You will then explain why your position in the text box of the discussionforum. You must include information from that lesson's learning materials when supporting yourposition (you will need to include at least one course material and provide a proper APA citation).There are no right or wrong answers, but there are poorly and strongly argued positions. Gradingwill be based on how well you integrate the material from the readings to support your position.These posts are due each Thursday at 11:59 PM Central Time in weeks 2-7. However, thestudents will not be penalized for late submission as long as they submit their initial postby each Sunday at 11:59 PM Central Time. (https://canvas.illinois.edu/courses/20560/pages/will-we-be-penalized-for-not-having-the-initial-post-by-thursday)Packback Group Discussion Reply: You will be asked to identify one student who had adiffering position than you on the assigned statement. For example, if you agreed with thestatement, you should find a group member who disagreed or strongly disagreed with thestatement. If a situation arises where everyone takes the same position, you will be asked to picka post and address the strength of the argument made, providing insight to your classmate as tohow they may have been able to make their argument stronger. You should base your responseon how well the author presented material to support his/her position and support your responsewith materials from class. Your reply is due each Sunday at 11:59 PM Central Time in weeks 2-7. Important Notes Regarding Packback: While exact word count will not be factored into yourCuriosity Score, the depth and insight of your response will. You must meet the minimumrequired Curiosity score of 60 for both your Initial and Reply posts. AI will assist you in doing sowith prompts in the margins of your screen. If your curiosity score falls below 60, you will notreceive full credit for the week. If Packback flags you for automatic moderation, it will email youhow to correct the issue that has caused your post or reply to be moderated. If this is notremedied, your work will not appear in the feed and therefore cannot be graded, resulting in azero for the moderated component. Check here (https://www.packback.co/resources/packback-questions-community-guidelines/) for more detail about Packback Community Guidelines. Packback Requirements: Your participation on Packback will count toward 30% of your overallcourse grade. There will be a Weekly Sunday at 11:59PM CST deadline for submissions. In orderto receive full credit, you should submit the following per each deadline period: 1 open-ended Question every week with a minimum Curiosity Score of 60, worth 10 points ofeach assignment grade1 Response every week with a minimum Curiosity Score of 60, worth 10 points of eachassignment gradeHalf credit will be provided for questions and responses that do not meet the minimumcuriosity scoreHow to Register on Packback: Note: Only access Packback through Canvas in order to ensure your grades sync properly1. Click the Packback assignment link within Canvas to access the community.2. Follow the instructions on your screen to finish your registration.4/23/22, 9:50 PMSyllabus - Assignments: Spring 2022-RST 242-Nature and American Culture-Section ONBhttps://canvas.illinois.edu/courses/20560/pages/syllabus-assignments3/33. In order for your grade to be visible in Canvas, make sure to click each Packback assignment linkas you post your Packback submissions.Community Lookup key: 50faeb0f-364f-4851-a4ed-80f08b630d37How to Get Help from the Packback Team: If you have any questions or concerns aboutPackback throughout the semester, please read their FAQ at help.packback.co(http://help.packback.co/) . If you need more help, contact

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