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Nicholas WongMr. KaczorowskiMs. JeongRST 2424/24/22Week 7 Packback DiscussionI do not agree that taking a mainstream, or non-Indigenous, perspective is the mostefficient way to manage America's natural resources. For starters, America is the country withthe most diversity, not a country combined with one race as some Asian countries. Depending onAmerica’s uniqueness, handling the natural resources should not be involved with themainstream perspective that white people’s opinions restrict. According to Floyd (1999), thewhite culture always led to conflict and prejudice and the dominant male perspective during thatyear was essentially “to limited access to socioeconomic resources which, in turn, result fromhistorical patterns of discrimination”. America's distinctive structure is what distinguishes it fromother countries and disables the common law, “The dominant perspective stands for mostcitizens’ opinions.” Rather than only a dominant perspective, more minor opinions should alsobe taken into consideration while separated by races and religions, According to Finney (2014),Americans take care of minorities’ opinions, “Instead, prominent views of the environment whilenot unified, still draw from the experiences, values, and nationalistic desires of a privileged fewwho are in a position to influence and establish legitimacy for their ideas institutionally andculturally” (Page 54). I also know Americans’ opinions are always changing in differentcircumstances from the previous chapters studied in class. An example is how the mainstream ofEuropean settlers when they first arrived to the America continent was fear of nature led by thereligions. Even though opinions always change, citizens and government should combine avariety of perspectives to form a more suitable plan utilizing natural resources, not just considerthe dominant perspective.Response Post To Caleb S Miller:Hi Caleb,Since American Indians know a lot regarding natural resources and nature and people areable to learn a lot from them, I agree with your position that taking a mainstream, ornon-Indigenous, perspective is not the most effective way to manage America’s naturalresources. When you incorporated information from David Bengston (2014) regarding animportant theme in indigenous perspective being traditional knowledge, this was your strongestargument to me since it conveys that regarding nature, American Indians know what they arediscussing. However, when you quoted how while indigenous people already know theproperties of plants that botanists were still attempting to figure out these properties, it was yourweakest argument to me. It does not correlate that much to handling natural resources eventhough regarding nature, American Indians’ knowledge is further shown. Even though I agreewith your position, one could easily argue against your position by stating how American Indianswill not be guaranteed to understand how essential it is to handle resources in a method helpingthe economy even though they know old-fashioned and traditional medicine using plants.Nicholas

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UIUC RST 242 - Week 7 Packback Discussion

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